Spending the Holidays in New York

Is anyone else starting to feel the let down of the end of the holidays? I definitely am. I spent a week in New York with my family to celebrate the holidays, and it was great. We had decent weather (some snow to get into the holiday spirit, and one warmish day), and had tons of fun with the kids. Here’s a quick look at how we spent the past week with my family:

The weather was chilly and snowy, so we spent some time inside reading.

And also watching Christmas movies (including one of my favorites, A Muppet Christmas Carol).

We went to the NY State Museum.

We also went to the local children’s science museum.

And I got in a few runs, all outdoors!

We bundled up the kids for some snowy playground time.

Plus some sleigh riding and snowman building.

I also met up with my friends from high school, and we got in a nice walk while catching up.

There was plenty of family time, and I got to see all my cousins (there are only 4 of us) for the first time in over a year.

My mom, me and Lucy enjoyed some girl time.

And we celebrated both Hanukkah …

And Christmas.

We ate tons of good food, including cheeses, meatballs, vegetarian lasagna, fish, ham and more.

We had fun with my parents’ dog, Sweetie.

And we took naps EVERYWHERE.

It was a fun, busy, relaxing and tiring week. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite holiday dessert?
  • Did you get a chance to play in the snow this holiday season?

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