2019 Running: My Year In Review

Happy New Year (plus a few days)! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the year and it’s already time to look back at 2019. In terms of running, it was a good year. Here are some highlights:

Returning as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador

I once again was asked to return as an ambassador for one of my favorite local races – the Cleveland Marathon! I joined several new and returning ambassadors to help promote the race, which is held in May every year. As part of the ambassadorship, I was able to be featured on the running podcast, Rust Belt Running! You can listen to my episode here.

Me and last year’s ambassadors

NOTE: I’ll be running the race again in 2020 and returning as an ambassador. You can use RUNCLEMELISSA10 for 10% off your registration!

Running the Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series in the crazy heat – 8k/Half Marathon

Being an ambassador is about so much more than promoting the race – it’s about running it as well. In 2019, I participated in the 8k / half marathon challenge series. I admit that during the half marathon I felt discouraged at parts, going much slower than I had wanted. BUT, the race was much hotter than I anticipated – I had trained all winter in 20s and 30s and even in spring run mostly in 40-50 degrees – with race-day temps being humid and 80s. So, I managed to change my attitude a few miles in and focus on just having fun and finishing. Which, thankfully, I did! You can read my full recap here. I also did a recap sharing my feelings in processing the race.

Doing a few 5K races with the family – stroller in all!

This year brought on a new challenge for running – having two kids. Not only was it hard to find time to run around their schedules, but I wanted to find a way to incorporate them, if I could. I did this by doing several stroller runs in the warmer months and even a few stroller races! B and I ran as a family with the kids (me pushing FW and him pushing LM) in a few close races this summer.

Not getting injured

Any year that I don’t get injured is a good year. Ever since the infamous marathon training stress fracture/boot incident, I’ve tried to take better care of myself and make sure to get new shoes and insoles when I need them (and the right kind for my feet). After my piriformis issues a few years ago, I’ve tried stretching more. I know I still have a long way to go (my stretching includes 2 minutes and 2 stretches and I roll my foot on a tennis and golf ball to prevent flareups of my plantar fasciitis), so I’m especially grateful for running injury-free all 2019!

Me, B (with his Steve Prefontaine mustache) and Mary after their marathon

Beating my goal of 2019 km (or 1,255 miles) – I ran 1,350+ miles!

I ended up 2019 with 1,351.53 miles, meaning I beat my goal of 2,019 km in 2019. I’m pretty happy with that number, considering I only trained for one long race this year — the rest of the miles were mostly fun!

And, I finished the year with a 2019 run – I found a few streets nearby that looked like a 2019 and covered it by foot. Pretty fun, huh?

Some questions for you:

  • How would you rate your 2019 in running?
  • Have you signed up for any 2020 races yet?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “2019 Running: My Year In Review

  1. A year of no injuries is always good! That is my goal for this year. Congrats on your ambassadorship. I had the opportunity to be one for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler 2 years ago and it was fantastic. Unfortunately they only let you do it once! I agree it’s more that the race it’s really fun.

  2. Clever on that 2019 run! 2019 was probably my best year ever in the running shoes, and I did not take any of that for granted. Cleveland is on my bucket list….not sure if I can swing it this year, but I”m gonna try to get there eventually 🙂

  3. That is wonderful you ended with 1,300 miles last year! Congrats! Last year I signed up for 2 races for this year (a half marathon in GA and in KS). I am still looking to see which other states I can go to and run. I think 2019 went well for me. I ran in a couple of states, got a new coach, and had to deal with plantar fasciitis(trying to be positive here).

  4. Congrats on returning as Cleveland Ambassador! I’m a Run Toledo Ambassador for 2020 again. Being a race ambassador is fun! I never ran while pushing a stroller, but I give a lot of credit to those that do. It looks really hard!! Maybe 2020 will be my year of finally getting past injuries, but I’m not so hopeful. My issues seem to be chronic, so managing them seem to be more of the solution. My training for Glass City Marathon starts tomorrow, but I haven’t signed up yet. I’m procrastinating!!

  5. I have heard such amazing things about Cleveland! How fun!

    I am currently sporting that same boot. I hate it and can’t wait to burn it with fire.

    I’m not signed up for anything really right now. I just don’t know when my grand comeback will be so no point in getting my hopes up too high.

  6. Staying injury free is always on my list for each year! I was in a boot for ankle sprain last year so now I’m just trying to get back to where I was! Congrats on being an ambassador for the Cleveland marathon! It’s not Cleveland but I will be heading to Cincinnati to run the Flying Pig this year in May…knocking Ohio off my list of 50 states!

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