All About that Base (Mileage)

This week wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in terms of running. In fact, the next few weeks will likely be pretty standard, as I am getting ready to start training for the Cleveland half marathon challenge in May. So right now, I’m all about just keeping up that base (mileage, that is, of course). (bonus points if you now have a song in your head)

Anyway, here’s a look at how running looked this week:

Some highlights-

We had a wacky weather week. Well, not really wacky, but we had some snow, some ice, and two days that were actually warm! Sunday started out with snow and ice, so I kept inside for the run. But the afternoon warmed up to 40+ degrees, so I also got in a 2ish mile walk with some friends! It ended up being a beautiful day.

shaker lakes walk

Monday I was feeling sluggish after staying up late and eating not-so-great food from the Super Bowl. But I still got out there for a 6+ mile run. It was cool to see all the red lights up and down my street — Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs went to the local high school, so people had lit their porches red in honor of the Super Bowl and KC’s ultimate win!

red porch lights cleveland heights

Tuesday was WARM. I’m talking about 60 degrees when I came home from work! So naturally we went for a walk after work. AND I got in a run in capris in the a.m. I can’t complain anytime that happens in February.

BUT Wed/Thurs/Fri/Saturday we were back again with cold. It was icy Wednesday night into Thursday morning and then we got snow Thursday night and all day Friday. I know it’s winter, but that probably means a few more days in the treadmill for me as the snow/ice keeps it a sloppy, slippery mess outside.

 Some questions for you:

  • Did you have wacky weather this week, too?
  • Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


9 thoughts on “All About that Base (Mileage)

  1. We had the warm weather last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, so Monday zapped us back to reality.It stayed cold and pretty windy most of the week.I was happy to see the Chiefs win, but really can’t call myself a true fan LOL Those red lights look like a great tribute!

  2. Mother Nature is CONFUSED. We had some of the same, although we didn’t get snow. We’ve had A LOT of rain this winter.
    What a great tribute to Kelce
    I was happy with either team winning so just enjoyed the game

  3. Would you believe I forgot it was Super Bowl when I wrote my post?? Ha! We weren’t rooting for anyone in particular, and I went to bed in the third quarter.

    We had a ridiculous wind storm on Thursday. Tornadoes and high gusts. We were out of town, but I heard it was really scary 😦

  4. We had some funky weather here too… lots of rain, but running in T-shirt weather on Tuesday… then more rain and it got really cold but at least it’s sunny… makes it hard to plan outfits lol

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