Snowy February Weekends

It was a wintry, snowy February weekend in Cleveland. Whereas we started the week with 50-60 degree temps, we finished the week with cold, snow and ice. But that didn’t mean we hunkered down and stayed inside all weekend. No, we can’t really do that with two active young kids. But, we ended up having fun and spending a bit of time outdoors. Here’s what the weekend entailed:

Friday night was pizza night! We got our favorite local pizza and enjoyed a movie with the kids (Toy Story 4).

Saturday morning, we braved the cold and snow for some sleigh riding! The kids got in a few good runs down the local hill.

And what’s better than post-sledding pancakes with friends?

pancakes breakfast

The afternoon included a LONG nap for FW, while I did some grocery shopping and got in some baking. Some super moist zucchini bread!

zucchini bread

Sunday morning started out with a semi-slippery run.

Then, we had some brunch and playtime with FW, LM and some friends.

The day also included some more time outdoors — it was sunny, there were blue skies and it wasn’t too cold out, so it was nice to go for a walk around the block with the kids.

That evening, pasta and meatballs were on the menu.

The perfect comfort food for a chilly February night!

Questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite winter comfort food?
  • Do you enjoy being outside in the snow?

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