Weekends After the Flu

You hear that? That’s me, coughing. But at least I’m up and moving again.

Last week, I had the flu. Influenza A! And yes, I had a flu shot. I didn’t leave my bed for several days, and had a fever for 5 days. It was rough, but I’m nearly better now and was able to have fun this weekend with the family.

Here’s a little what the weekend included:

FW and I went to Severance Hall for an orchestra show, especially for kids.

They played the cello and taught the kids about the instrument.

We also went to the history museum, playing outside and inside.

And we got pancakes at our favorite brunch spot.

We visited the West Side Market to get some groceries.

FW jumped out some energy at a birthday party.


We got my favorite pizza for dinner. 

I finally went for a run! First run in more than a week, since I was knocked out with the flu. There may have been more coughing than running, but it felt good to get out and it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Because it was a gorgeous day (nearly 60 degrees!) we had to get out and take a family walk.

Which ended up at the playground.

The weekend ended with dinner at B’s parents’ house. After last week’s quarantine, it was nice to see everyone!

Some questions for you:

  • Did you get to go outside and enjoy some warm weather?
  • Have you ever had the flu? How long did it take you to recover?

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