I Have a Four-Year-Old

I’m not crying. I’m not crying. Nope. I’m not crying, I’m just in disbelief that I suddenly have a four year old.

FW turned four last week. He is no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, and sometimes when I look at him, I get a glimpse of what he may look like as a teenager. He has his own truly defined personality, his preferences and dislikes, taste in clothing, and more. He loves running (yay!), riding his bike and playing outside. He is an amazing big brother and a great helper, and I cannot imagine or remember life without him. It seems so long ago!

Here’s a little on how we celebrated:

We started off the weekend with a campfire and camping out in the backyard. FW only spent an hour in the tent, but of course the was some roasting marshmallows.

There was also some splashing around. In bathing suits and also just plain clothes.

We spent time with my parents – and the kids loved every moment with their Nonna and Grandpa.

Including a trip to the Zoo! 

It rained, but we did get to see some animals (can you spot the giraffe in the below image)?

There was also some great food involved. FW, B and LM made meatballs (FW’s birthday dinner request).

Hot dogs! (FW’s lunch request)

Lemon ricotta pancakes (birthday breakfast).

And waffles (FW loves and they were for B’s Father’s Day). 

AND of course, we celebrated with cake. Well, FW requested raspberry almond bars, so that is what he had.

I had a great time – and I hope he did too. Happy 4th birthday, FW!


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