Almost to 100

I’m almost to 100. 100 days of running in a row! 

When I started the running streak the day of the Cleveland half marathon (virtual), I had no idea how long I would continue it. I had never actually run a day after a half marathon before, but since I was doing the Challenge Series and due to run a 5k either the day before or after, I figured I’d run it the day after and see how I felt. I was surprised how okay I felt, and decided to just keep running. And here we are! Day 94.

Here is a look at this week’s mileage. I was once again at 40+ miles for the week and got in a run each day. 

Friday AND Saturday I got in not just a run y myself, but a little run with the kids! Friday morning when I got home from my run, FW was up, so we went for a quick run around the block (even while he was in his PJs). 

Saturday, I went with LM and then FW, which gave me another .8 to my existing mileage! And it was fun.

Not related to running – but BASEBALL is back! It still feels weird to watch knowing there are clearly no fans in the stadium AND that they’re halfway through the season when it’s still just Opening Day. But we got the projector out and screen up in our garage to watch the first game, which was fun.

Also – I can’t believe Garmin is STILL DOWN. Or at least it was when I wrote this post. Thank goodness my mileage is all on my watch for now — but it’s not been fun not being able to track things with my phone! i wonder when it will be up.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you impacted by the Garmin outage?
  • Have you ever done a running streak?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


10 thoughts on “Almost to 100

  1. I’m doing my first run streak ever — just for July. I’ll have to think of something different for August. I’m bummed about Garmin, but keeping my fingers crossed for them! Great week for you! Love the pic of the cutie pie!

  2. Wow 100 days of running is quite a streak! My body would hate me. I am not a run streaker but I do like to do a workout streak of something everyday. Maybe I will do a walk streak when it cools down a touch. Have a great week!

  3. Awesome job on nearing 100 days for your run streak – that’s super impressive! I wish I could do a run streak but my knees would hate me lol.

    I was excited that baseball came back this week. Sure, it looks a little different, but it’s nice to have it back!

  4. Awesome job on the streak! I gave mine up at 97 🙂 Not sure why, just started to have some pesky aches and pains and decided no one cared if I quit.

    Garmin being down is making being a running coach a bit more challenging! And personally I am unable to load my runs to the software my coach uses, which is VDOT02. Ready for it to be back!

  5. Congrats as you close in on Day 100! As of today, I’m on Day 103 of my walking streak, so we’re practically in sync with this 😉 My longest running streak was 44 days, as part of the Runner’s World Winter run streak, but at least half of those runs were just 1-milers. It’s great the baseball is back, but I’m really anxious on what’s going to happen with NCAA football (and basketball, down the road). I will cry if that doesn’t happen…

  6. I’m no good at running streaks. Right now I’m trying to plank every day for at least 2 minutes. Finding 2 minutes while I watch A Late Show with Stephen Colbert is pretty easy!
    I’m not keeping track but I’m probably over two weeks now.
    A guy in my running club a 500+ day running streak going. It’s insane. And he was injured for quite a while.
    Congrats and keep up the good running!

  7. Great job! I’m just not a streaker. I was thinking about doing a walk streak, but every so often I really need a rest day, so … no go there.

    The Garmin outage has been an annoying inconvenience for me. It’s almost back up, so I’m not too stressed about it.

  8. That is awesome on your 100 days of streaking! The Garmin outage does not affect me but it is just annoying. It it down, then back on again, then down again, and now back on again. It’s like “Make up your mind!” 🙂

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