It’s Getting Harder and Harder

I’m now 23 weeks pregnant and it’s getting harder and harder to run. I find myself out of breath sooner, going much slower, getting cramps and my heart rate skyrockets even if I’m running at what feels like a snail’s pace.

This was a walk/run … For as much walking as I did, I shouldn’t have had my hear trate so high!

But, I’m still feeling glad that I’m able to run at all and hope i can keep it up for a little bit longer. I’m at day 338 of my running streak and hoping to keep it up just a little longer. I’ve never ever run this many days in a row and I’m surprised and amazed at what my body can handle, especially this far along in my pregnancy!

This week, I ended with 36.9 miles. Had I realized I was at .9 I may have run an extra .1 … but I didn’t until tallying it up and honestly, I’m fine with it.  A few bonuses:

Every run was outdoors! These days after I run I get in a short walk on the treadmill to cool down and drink water, which has been a nice way to be inside and outside. 

Since I run in the mornings, even on the warmer days, the mornings are still pretty chilly. I had a few days in the 20s when I went out in the morning, but one day was in the 50s in the morning!

Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday: 4.65 miles + 2.22 mile family walk

Monday: 5.5 miles

Tuesday: 5.4 miles

Wednesday: 5.6 miles

Thursday: 5.41 miles

Friday: 5.6 miles + 2.1 mile nighttime family walk

Saturday: 4.74 miles + 2.24 mile walk with the family and some friends

Total Mileage: 36.9 miles

Weeks Pregnant: 23!

Total Days of Running Streak: 338

They drained one of the lakes near my house — it was cool looking in the morning!

Can you see that 23 week bump?

Some questions for you:

  • Is it feeling like spring near you?
  • Do you like wearing shorts when running or do you prefer skirts or capris?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

7 thoughts on “It’s Getting Harder and Harder

  1. I love my SkirtSports shorts because of the pockets—one for my phone, and one for Scooby’s baggies—but I only have 2 pairs, so I wear my SkirtSports skirts on other days. Overall, I think skirts are too heavy.

    I didn’t start running until after I had kids, so I’ve got no experience running while pregnant!

  2. Spring is here too
    Like Coco, I love Skirt Sports for the pockets. I am weirdly shaped so shorts don’t work for me, but Skirt Sports skirts do. I’ve been in capris mostly, but skirt weather is soon. So great to be outdoors.

  3. Great job with your run streak still going strong. Are you hoping to make it to day 365 and then scaling back? You’re almost there 😉

  4. You are doing so great!

    The weather keeps swinging up and down. I don’t mind that the chill in the air is sticking around.

    I used to wear skirts all the time, but now I shorts. It’s a little less fabric and therefore a little lighter and cooler.

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