21 Days

As of Friday this week, I had 21 days left. 21 days left until I get to 365 of my run streak.

It’s crazy to me to think that in just under three weeks, I’ll have run every day for a year. I started in 2020 during the pandemic after doing my virtual half marathon. And, I just haven’t stopped. I’m now 24 weeks pregnant, which means if I keep this up, I’ll be about 27 weeks when I get to 1 year!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. This week was a pretty good week, and “very Cleveland” as they say in terms of the weather. It was in the 70s two days, which meant we at outside for lunch AND dinner. And then it snowed at least an inch on Thursday – and the snow stuck for a little over 24 hours! I’m hopeful that that was our last April (and spring) snowfall and we are in the clear for at least 8 months….but we’ll see.

This week, I ended with 36.9 miles. Had I realized I was at .9 I may have run an extra .1 … but I didn’t until tallying it up and honestly, I’m fine with it.  A few bonuses:

Every run was outdoors! These days after I run I get in a short walk on the treadmill to cool down and drink water, which has been a nice way to be inside and outside. 

Since I run in the mornings, even on the warmer days, the mornings are still pretty chilly. I had a few days in the 20s when I went out in the morning, but one day was in the 50s in the morning!

Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday: 5 treadmill miles

Monday: 5.5 miles

Tuesday: 6.2 miles

Wednesday: 5.14 miles in the RAIN. I was soaked when I was done!

Thursday: 5.53 miles in the SNOW. In all truth – I ran only 3ish miles outside before coming inside on the treadmill. It was snowing and slippery out.

Friday: 5.25 treadmill miles

Saturday: 5 miles + 2+ mile walk with the family  -my parents were in town!

Total Mileage: 37.87 miles

Weeks Pregnant: 24!

Total Days of Running Streak: 338

Some questions for you:

  • What are you reading these days?
  • Do you celebrate Easter?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “21 Days

  1. Wow, simply WOW on the run streak! Do you think it will be tough to call it quits, at the one year mark? Your mileage has been amazing!

  2. Wow, simply WOW on the run streak! Do you think it will be tough to call it quits, at the one year mark? Your mileage has been amazing!

  3. Your run streak is impressive! Glad you have stayed healthy through all those miles. Wow on the snow. We only had a bit this year. I do celebrate Easter, but now that the kids are grown, it’s mostly just by going to church which I usually do anyway. 😉

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