Weekly Run Down: 2nd Annual Turkey Trot

Was Thanksgiving really 3 days ago? It feels like only yesterday that I was counting down the days to see my family and celebrate the beginning of the season. My parents came into town for a few days, and it was great to see them and enjoy some turkey and quality time together. 

Speaking of turkey, this year also marked the second annual family turkey trot — instead of doing the large downtown race (which I do enjoy), me and my brothers- and sisters-in-law did our own run around our neighborhood. It’s a fun tradition, and works out perfectly since we all live so close to one another. My oldest brother-in-law and his son started out by running from their house. Then they picked up my sister-in-law and her daughter at her house (about .75 mi away), then they picked up my other brother-in-law and his dog at their house (about another .5 mi away), and then they picked me, B and my younger brother-in-law at our house. Then we ran a little ways around dropped everyone else off at their houses. It was the perfect start to my Thanksgiving morning!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s how the week went:

Sunday:  2 mile treadmill run and then a hike with the family. I cut the run a little short, because I wanted to get outside for a hike before the rain. I’m beginning to love our Sunday hikes  – they’re a great way to beat the Sunday scaries!

IMG_20211121_104032_759 copy

Monday: 4.6 treadmill miles while watching Tic Tic Boom

Tuesday: 3.5 treadmill miles (and finished Tic Tic Boom!)

Wednesday: 3.26 miles outside and then a 3 mile hike with the family


Thursday: 5.51 outdoor miles for Thanksgiving! We did about 3 miles as part of our family Turkey Trot and then I finished up with 2.5 more miles on my own


The best we could do – selfie with the turkey trotters

Friday: 3.1 treadmill miles

Saturday:  4 outdoor miles running, plus a few miles walking

total mileage: 25.98 miles running

And now, let the holiday season begin!

Questions for you:

  • Did you celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Anyone watch Tick Tick Boom?

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: 2nd Annual Turkey Trot

  1. I just love that tradition of the family turkey trot! You do have a family of runners which is so great. The hikes sound like a fun way to end the weekend. Happy Thanksgving

  2. Love your family turkey trot! What a fun tradition. No outdoor activity for me — I tackled the chore of putting up our tree so I don’t have that hanging over my head anymore. 😉

  3. Love your family tradition!
    We had a lovely Thanksgiving with a non-official 5 mile trot, as well.

    I watched (and loved) Tick Tick Boom. I grew up outside of NYC and was fortunate enough to see several shows every year from the age of four through my early 20s before I moved. Jonathan Larson and Rent changed the game and breathed new life into Broadway. I remember seeing it twice in the Nederlander Theater, and I remember when they would sell the first few rows of seats very reasonably on the day of the show to people who would line up, just to make it accessible to everyone. I know there is some controversy around the movie and the story, but it was neat to watch an adaptation of the process.

  4. Love the family turkey trot! One of these years the kids can start joining in.
    Yes, celebrated a fun Thanksgiving and now the house is all transformed for Christmas! Funny, I got sad when Thanksgiving was over, didn’t want it to end and now it seems like it was ages ago.
    Nice running last week! You were really consistent through the holiday week.

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