Weekly Run Down: Longest Postpartum Week

Running is my stress therapy. It helps soothe my anxiety. It makes me sane. 

So it should come as no surprise to me that my first full week back of work was also my highest postpartum mileage week. At least I have a coping mechanism?

The week included a mix of outdoor and (mostly) indoor runs. I became familiar with my treadmill again, and was so grateful to have it when it was very dark, cold and snow/rain was coming down!

Sunday:  4.61 miles run and a hike with the family – it started snowing on the hike!

20211114_114154 (1)

Monday: 4.1 treadmill miles while watching You (season 3)

Tuesday: 5.1 treadmill miles (and more You!)

Wednesday: 4.27 miles outside

Thursday: 4.1 treadmill miles

Friday: 5.11 treadmill miles and finished You 

Saturday: 3.26 miles outside – I hadn’t run outside in the daylight since the previous Sunday and it made such a difference in my mood

total mileage: 30.55 miles

And now, onto a short work week – hooray for Thanksgiving!

Questions for you:

  • Is it dark when you run outside?
  • Are you/have you watched You?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: Longest Postpartum Week

  1. I need to revisit YOU…I think I tried watching the premiere (?), but it didn’t grab me. Most of my runs are in the o’dark hours, so not much daylight…but Saturday’s run had full-on sunshine for the last few miles. Total game-changer!

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