Weekly Run Down: December Is Here

December is HERE! And with that, we actually had some great weather this week. I was able to get outside half of the days and run outside. And one day, I managed to run in capris because it was in the 40s!

I wouldn’t mind if it stayed this mild all winter. We had some snow on Sunday, but it melted and stayed dry the second half of the week, which made my runs outside that much better. And with that, I wrapped up my November with about 109 miles run.


Here’s how the week went:


Sunday: 3.5 treadmill miles and I started to watch True Story

Monday: 4.01 treadmill miles 

Tuesday: 4.18 treadmill miles 

Wednesday: 3.66 miles outside 

Thursday: 5.04 outdoor miles – I was really proud of this run, because I had made it a goal to get out of the house by 5 a.m. and run 5 miles, and I did!


Friday: 4.11 outdoor miles

Saturday:  3.83 outdoor miles running, plus a few miles walking

Total mileage: 28.33 miles running

The week also had some gorgeous pink sky sunrises that I was able to catch – how beautiful is that?!


Questions for you:

  • Did the weather hold out for you this week?
  • Any treadmill running TV show/movie recommendations?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: December Is Here

  1. Sounds like you are right back on schedule with your daily runs! NIce mileage for November. No treadmill running for me I just get too bored but I am always looking for new shows to watch. I am bored w those right now too! Thanks for linking up have a good one

  2. Our weather was fabulous this week; the kind of “winter” I could really embrace. If only! Great job on your #5at5!!!

  3. We had some really nice weather this week too! A few days when I could wear shorts — but still long sleeves. 😉

    We’ve had gorgeous sunrises and sunsets too. Always makes me pause when I catch a glimpse of a pink-orange sky.

    Great runs this week!

  4. Seems like everyone up north had milder temperatures this week! Ours were milder too, which isn’t a good thing, ha ha. I finished my run today and it was 72 and humid. UGH! I’d prefer it a bit cooler.
    Congrats on finishing a great November!

  5. I am so bad about the treadmill AND tv. I am trying to watch Hawkeye but I keep missing out. It’s so good and he’s my favorite Avenger, so I have to make sure to get it in.

    Love that sunset.

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