Happy Holidays – Weekly Run Down Edition

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! I can’t believe Christmas is OVER, and I’m trying not to feel the pang that often hits me after the holiday season. Instead, let’s focus on all that has been wonderful and all that is running-related!

This week, I kept up my unplanned running streak, so much that I may decide to complete the Runner’s World #rwstreak and run every day through New Year’s Day. What do you think? Should I keep it up?  

The week went like this:

Sunday: 5.1 treadmill miles

Monday: 4.25 treadmill miles 

Tuesday: 5.02 outdoor miles 

Wednesday: 2.01 treadmill miles 

Thursday: 4.01 miles 

Friday: 4.04 miles

Saturday:   3.45 miles

Total mileage: 27.88 miles running

Some highlights from the week:

Warm weather, for some nice outdoor walks with the family. One day, we walked 3 miles to deliver treats to family and friends. 


Speaking of treats, here’s what we baked for the holidays this year! There were sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate kiss cookies, M&M cookies, graham cracker toffee, almond jam cookies and a few different types of fudge. 20211225_150003

It may have been warm but I was festive on my runs!


Merry Christmas from my family to yours.


Questions for you:

  • What kind of baking did you do this holiday season?
  • Are you doing any running streaks or holiday challenges right now?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays – Weekly Run Down Edition

  1. Merry Christmas! I love your family photo. I only baked two types of cookies, but traded with a friend who made a lot more.

    You’ve made it this far with the running streak – go for it!

  2. My baking was MIA this year (my bad). I did make a big batch of Christmas Crack (kind of a toffee/chocolate sweet, probably similar to your graham cracker toffee)…but that’s where it ended. The only streaking I do (running-wise) is the RW Winter Streak… and that will be winding down on NYD 🙂 I look forward to it every year, but I’m always glad when it ends, LOL

  3. Merry Christmas!
    I was a terrible baker this year. I made Russian tea cakes, a copycat chocolate chip recipe from Levain’s in NY, PB blossoms, and candy cane cookies. I just didn’t want to do any of it.

    Beautiful family photo!

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