It’s Still February

Does anyone else feel like that February should be over already? I swear, February is the shortest month but it always feels like it’s the longest, especially this year. I really thought I was about to write a post that included all of February in review, but alas, that will have to wait for next week. 

That said, it was a good week! My parents came into town and we had some good outside time with them and nice weather this weekend, which was great. Especially after last week’s up and down weather, having a beautiful Sunday and spending time outside with my whole family was GREATLY appreciated.


Here’s what this week looked like this:

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The Weather in the Land Goes Up and Down

Up and down … up and down! Our weather and temps have gone up and down this week. And I can’t complain, especially about the UP! It is back to seasonably normal weather right now, but it was in the upper 60s on Wednesday, which was just AMAZING. I ran in the dark in shorts!  The taste of spring was exactly what me and my body needed. But now, back to the cold …


Here’s what this week looked like:

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February Sunshine

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Are you excited for the big game? In my past life (just a year ago), I worked at an ad agency, and this day was a BIG deal. Not for the sports, but instead for the ads. There were several years in a row that I was “working” the game, taking notes of ads, live tweeting and preparing blog posts or content for the agency to share immediately following the game. It was fun – but I’m glad to be just enjoying the game ads and food tonight. 

But this isn’t a post about football – it’s about running! 

Winter is still in full swing in Cleveland, but at least this week we got a break from the snow and ice, and enjoyed some blue skies for a few days. This made all the difference, and I even got to enjoy the sunshine on a few midday walks.

Here’s what this week looked like this:

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Kicking off February

I have two reasons to be excited about this week – first, we finished January and I had decent mileage and second, I did a group run! I rarely run with people, and it was nice to be social and get outside with fellow runners to kick off the Cleveland Marathon training cycle.  On a less exciting note, this week another wave of sickness made it through our house and forced me to take a day off. But I’m feeling all better now! 

Here are some January highlights:

Total running mileage: 122.88

Other activities: Some walks PLUS I did ab exercises 3-5 days/week every week!

Lowlights: Getting covid. It didn’t stop me from running, but slowed me down somewhat, and I am still feeling like I am recoverin some days. Also, the weather. We had plenty of cold, icy and snowy days. I ran outside 17 days, and inside 14 days.

And then this week looked like this:

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