Meeting 2 of Cleveland Social Media Club

Last night was the second meeting of the Cleveland Social Media Club…. I don’t know what anyone else thought about it, but I thought it was great! We pretty much kept the same format as the first meeting, going around and introducing ourselves, saying how we use social media and what our vision for the club is.

There were some pretty cool people there – Cleveland’s ‘former’ Tech Czar, some kids form Case who were developing a great new web application, The Franchise King, Brewed Fresh Daily‘s George Nemeth, Chris Seper from the PD, and a whole bunch of other cool people to talk to. It was great to finally meet some people that I’d only talked to through twitter. I only wish I hadn’t had to leave early for pre-arranged dinner plans! 

We have some pretty exciting ideas on what we will be doing in social media club. There is a national club that we are modeling ourselves after, a lot of cool local chapters (Louisville chapter is a pretty sweet Midwest club), and now us! 

Go Cleveland! Let’s show the country that we’re waaaay cooler (and smarter) than they think we are.

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