Scenes from Vacation … First Stop, Seattle!

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B and I are off on a vacation! That’s right, he convinced me to take some time off and planned a whole amazing trip. And he somehow convinced me to … are you ready for this? … leave my laptop home! So I’m disconnecting (minus some Instagram action), relaxing and likely not blogging for some time. In the meantime, enjoy some pics of our trip thus far:

Hanging with Katie (soon-to-be a doctor!) at the Seattle Public Market.


The moment Katie and I realize we’ve been friends for 10 years, nearly to the day!

B and I took the boat to Bainbridge Island, which was a cute island near Seattle.

view of Seattle from the ferry

view of Seattle from the ferry

marina on the island

marina on the island

ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

Look! It’s the troll from 10 Things I Hate About You.


Awaiting drinks …

After drinks!

The first Starbucks!


Watching the sunset. See the Space Needle in the background?

So far Seattle has been beautiful. A little hilly for running (we’ve done 3 runs so far already in this city and my quads are killing me!) but great sunny, warm weather. Isn’t it supposed to rain here all the time?

More to come! Hope you’re all enjoying a great 4 day week.

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