Possibly the Best Vacation Ever

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been traveling – or at least posting photos of a tropical location – for the past few weeks. B and I just got back from quite possibly our best vacation ever. Shh, don’t tell him that – I think he would disagree – after all, our honeymoon in Tortola (BVI) was amazing … as was driving around Ireland. But this trip combined pretty much everything I love – good food, good company, good drinks, good weather, the beach, and even some adventures.

I won’t bore you with the day-to-day details of our ten day adventure (I mean you’d probably just get jealous and want to hop a plane to Costa Rica immediately), or write this blog post in Spanish (después de diez días en Costa Rica, mi español ha mejorado mucho. Al fin de nuestro viaje, yo estaba practicando y hablando español con todos los ticos.) But instead, here’s a snapshot of some of what we did (and don’t worry, at least one more post is coming).

The trip started in Guanacaste, along the beach. B and I were in town for the wedding of our friends Ted and Suzanne, which took place along the coast at Sugar Beach. The wedding was probably one of the best I have been too – it was small, the dancing was fun, it was outdoors and the setting was gorgeous!


mariachi band at the wedding

mariachi band at the wedding

beach wedding

wedding on the beach!

wedding on the beach!

probably the only picture of me in a bathing suit you'll ever see. This is what renting a catamaran looks like. I'm pretending it's a wild and crazy time.

probably the only picture of me in a bathing suit you’ll ever see. This is what renting a catamaran looks like. I’m pretending it’s a wild and crazy time.

While in Guanacaste, we swam along the beach, and even rented a catamaran with the couples’ friends to go snorkeling and swimming for the day. Best day ever.

After the wedding weekend, B and I were of to Monteverde, a city located in a cloud forest. While there we enjoyed some more awesome meals, a tour of a coffee plantation, ziplining and hiking along hanging bridges in the forest. And no, it wasn’t cloudy at all those days – something I enjoyed very much.

not-so-cloudy at monteverde cloud forest

not-so-cloudy at monteverde cloud forest

grinding my own coffee, the old fashioned way

grinding my own coffee, the old fashioned way

The trip ended with an amazing stay in Arenal. We enjoyed hot baths, awesome views of waterfalls, an amazing hotel (hotel Nayara in Arenal is quite possibly the best hotel I’ve stayed in in my life. Jacuzzis for every room, an amazing spa, happy hour, a nice gym, free cookies at night and an outdoor shower for your private cabana. Look it up and book it immediately!) and some more adventures including spa treatments and massages (does that count as an adventure if I don’t usually do that?) AND canyoneering, rappelling and swinging through waterfalls in the jungle, quite literally.

2014-03-31 09.02.27


canyoneering! Yes I’m frightened

looking like I know what I'm doing

trying to look like I know what I’m doing

The trip was just what I needed. I read 4ish books, got some sun, relaxed, worked out, and got a few adrenaline rushes. I know people say they NEED a vacation all the time I know, but I NEEDED the vacation. And now I’m sure I’ll need a vacation from my vacation 😉

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Yes I went for a high school field trip during our February break. So much fun but this trip with my husband was a lot different 🙂

Do you like ziplining? Rappelling? Canyoneering? Ziplining I love! Rappelling with ropes down the side of cliffs and along waterfalls scared me .. but I ended up loving it.

Do you speak any other languages? Hablo un poco de español. Ahora puedo entender más que yo puedo hablar. 



3 thoughts on “Possibly the Best Vacation Ever

  1. That looks like an amazing trip!

    We’re heading back to the Caribbean in October, so i’m trying not to wish away the rest of spring and summer. I personally love to climb, zip line and rappel, but have only done local(ish) courses.

      • I said (ish) to the local because I’ve done a course in Loudonville, Ohio. I’m sure there are zip lining and rappelling options in the Cleveland area. I should have also mentioned that I have rock climbed and zip lined on cruise ships!

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