A Day in Sonoma

After our weekend in NY, we were headed to California to visit my brother! We flew out early Sunday, and got to San Fran early enough so that we had nearly a whole day to spend. Our first day? A trip to Sonoma. We had a tour and tastings, visiting two wineries in the area.

winery #1

winery #1

Family at winery #2

Family at winery #2

Followed by dinner in downtown Sonoma. We were staying right near downtown and were able to walk to dinner at LaSalette, a great Portuguese place with outdoor dining. If you’re ever in Sonoma, I highly recommend staying near their downtown. There was a cute little square with a lot of shops and restaurants, as well as a biking/walking/running path not to far away.

downtown Mendocino

downtown Mendocino

Greg and me at dinner

Greg and me at dinner



The next morning, thanks to the time difference, I was able to wake up early enough to enjoy a run around town, even among wineries. A 5 mile run through fields of lavender and vines of grapes? My idea of pretty pretty perfect!


After the run and hotel breakfast, we headed to our last winery, Matanza, which is known for its field of lavender. Oh my goodness- as we pulled up, we couldn’t help but smell the gorgeous aroma of lavender and see the purples everywhere! We were lucky enough to have an informal impromptu tour (we had missed the one formal tour of the day) and share a wine tasting as well. It was pretty perfect – it was my mom’s birthday AND she loves lavender, so it was a great way to start the day.


Then, we were off. Onto our next destination – Mendocino! (more to come)

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever been to Sonoma before?
  • What’s your favorite kind of wine? Reds or whites?

5 thoughts on “A Day in Sonoma

  1. gahhhh Sonoma is one of my fave places i’ve visited in this country. i’m soooo in love with California in general, and i thought wine country was just gorgeous. downtown Sonoma is so adorable and quaint, too! so envious right now!

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