An Announcement

Okay, I guess it’s time that I finally break the news to the blogosphere and online.

How do I say this?

I wish I had a cute announcement planned. You know, like a cute video. Or image. But I’m not like that and I’m highly uncreative. So I’ll just go out and say it. I’m pregnant. B and I are expecting a baby this June!

There's a bump in there!

There’s a bump in there!

There we go – the news is out. We’ve been keeping it somewhat under wraps for a little while, but now that we’re more than halfway there (yipes!), it’s time to finally let you in on our little secret.


Me and my bump! (And my cousin-in-law Stephanie who is due in March)

And it feels good to have it off my chest and tell you all. Though somewhat strange to see it in writing …

Another bump pic. In workout clothes!

Another bump pic. In workout clothes! Yes, I’m wearing B’s shirt 🙂

Now for some of the FAQs – answers to the common questions we’ve been getting (warning: if you DON’T care about or like babies or pregnancies, feel free to stop reading. I’m not sharing too many details here, but the rest may just plain bore you and I promise you can come back to my regularly scheduled recipes, running updates, etc. at a later date):

  • Will you guys be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl? Nope! We already had that dr appointment and we opted to close our eyes and not find out. So it will be a surprise.
  • Will you be buying a house/moving? Maybe? We love our apartment right now and since we have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, we don’t have any immediate need to move. I’d love to have a downtown baby 🙂
  •  How are you feeling? Great! Thanks for asking! B and I are both really excited and I luckily haven’t felt any sickness (no morning sickness here) and really have just been a little more tired than usual.
  •  Are you going to stop running? I don’t plan on it. I really really want to run throughout my pregnancy, or at least as long as possible. It’s gotten a LOT harder (I’ll write a post about that soon) and I have cut down my mileage, but I still plan on getting in runs a few days a week. So expect a few more bump-in-workout-clothes pics.
  • Have you been having any cravings or food aversions? Hmm. Maybe? I’ve been really enjoying sweets (but that’s nothing new) – and been loving fruit, especially citrus, pears, melon, anything juicy. The first month or so I found myself despising vegetables, which is SO not me and it was hard. You may have noticed a few WIAWs that were lacking vegetables and that’s why. All I could think of eating was carbs and sweets. Thank goodness I’m back on the vegetable train again!
  • Do you have any names picked out? We have a girl’s name but not a boy’s name yet. We can’t seem to agree on any boys’ names. Any ideas?

And now, some questions for you:

  • Any more questions for me? Ask away. I’m a pretty open book.
  • Mom runners – did you run while pregnant? Any tips to keep it up? What’s the longest race you did?
  • Moms – did you have any weird cravings when pregnant?


15 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. Hooray! And congratulations!! 🙂 I worked out through my pregnancy with Ari, but not Remy. Running was always really hard on me during pregnancy because it made me pee myself 😛 Buuuuut a lot of women continue to run straight thru! 🙂

  2. ok i had to come back and read this after i read your latest post to see how long ago i missed the announcement – glad to see it wasn’t that far back! so happy for you guys. gah i LOVE picking names so i’ll happily send you along a bajillion ideas if you want. i went through this with my bff last year (even tho she ended up choosing her original first choice which i wasn’t wild about anyway but i loved helping her out!). SO FUN for you! enjoy!

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