Training Tuesday: A Pretty Good Week

What a great running week! Not really because of the runs (though I did have some pretty good ones) but because of the fun and social aspect of it. Woohoo! Wednesday was the Cleveland Rite Aid Ambassador Meetup and I got to meet some new ambassadors and catch up with some of the ones I know and love from past years. It was so great to see everyone – it was like one big happy family reunion!

group shot

group shot

Look at this onesie Melissa gave me!!!!

Look at this onesie Melissa gave me!!!!

The weather was great most of the week, too 🙂 I got in two outdoor runs BEFORE work!

Also, Saturday was the Malachi 5 miler. Another great weather day and a relatively fast run for me and the hilly course. 3 outdoor runs in 1 week? That’s a first all winter! Anyway, here I go. Let me get to the week.

Week of 3/6: 22.54 miles

Sunday: 5.14 miles: OUTSIDE @ 9:30 pace

I hadn’t run Friday or Saturday, and after two days off, I guess I was feeling alright! I was really surprised by my pace – I’ve been doing 5.8 mph on the treadmill (so close to 10:20 miles) and wasn’t sure I could do 5 miles but I kept it up and felt great toward the end. As usual, first two miles or so were the roughest but after that the bladder pain/pressure went away and I just took the next 3 pretty easy, stopping just a few times to take a photos, at lights, etc. Wanted to prove to my pregnant self that I could do 5 miles before next weekend’s race – and I did it!

Monday: 4 miles

Run/walk on the treadmill on some tired legs. Funny how only 5 miles can make me tired these days. Woof. No pace written down because it was a run/walk heavy on the SLOW run and walk.

Tuesday: 4.18 miles OUTSIDE @ 9:40 pace

It was my first pre-work run outside in who knows … months? It was warm enough for shorts and semi light out (before daylight savings time change) – I had to take advantage of it. Even got in a few hills and some stairs, ouch!


Look at how pretty the sky was!

See the bump?

See the bump?

Wednesday: 4.26 miles

I got in another outdoors pre-work outdoor run! So happy to have 60 degrees and beautiful weather. The legs were not feeling great, but emotionally I was happy to be outside. AND happy to be seeing my Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors that night!

Thursday and Friday: Long elliptical days. 1 hour and change on the machine and a little walking.

With the race on Saturday and legs still somewhat tired, I wanted to make sure I took a few days off from running.

Saturday: St. Malachi Church Run – 5 mile race

Woo! I had such a good time during this race. Was I as fast as last year? Hellllll no (I was 1:05 min/mile slower in case you were wondering). Was the weather gorgeous? Yes. Did I even enjoy the run? Most of the time, yes! I finished at 46:43 and am darn proud of it. B ran with me the entire time and kept me company AND I only felt like I had to pee part of the time.


ready to run!

See – what a good running week! I have a lot going on this week, so I’m not sure I can keep it up – but I’ll try to get in a few runs and maybe get outside for one. Who knows – maybe spring is REALLY on its way!

Some questions for you:

  • Did you do a St. Patrick’s Day themed run?
  • Does the warmer weather make you more prone to running outside, too?

PSA for the Marathon – They are in need of volunteers! Can’t run? Love the crowds? Love helping out? We need you! Sign up here!


One thought on “Training Tuesday: A Pretty Good Week

  1. I’ll be running a St. Patrick’s Day 5k Sat then a half on Sun (Rock n Roll Dallas Half). Such an incredible opportunity to be a marathon ambassador! Wow! I hope when/if I get preggo I will be a running mama like yourself 😉

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