Another Weekend of Us (40 Weeks Pregnant)

This is what weekends look like when you’re just about 40 weeks pregnant:

A dinner date in Little Italy.


Lobster pasta is a must.20160617_202342

As is dessert. Ice cream and macarons.20160617_213419

And Saturday morning long walks. Just cos I’m about to pop doesn’t mean I can still for too long…20160618_124106

Checking out new places in the Flats.20160618_123316

And relaxing in reading gardens.20160618_140125

When it’s 80 degrees, popsicles go really well with flea market shopping.20160618_152242

And you can’t forget to get excited with seeing your Cleveland pride everywhere.20160618_154600

And impromptu Saturday night dinner dates where all you want is pizza.20160618_192837

And succumbing to pizza cravings. Yes, Italian two nights in a row. Citizen Pie deserves the hype. This thin crust was amazing.


Sundays start with Father’s Day brunch for B – French toast with a berry compote and some homemade whipped cream. I don’t make brunch often – but wow, this was good.


And cleaning and then making some granola for the week (or who knows when).


And another walk – this time with Nicole – the birthday girl! I didn’t snap a pic of us, but I did snap a pic of my shoes. Because – proof – I can still see my feet (but barely!).


And enjoying a summery dinner with B’s family.


And then watching the Cavs game … CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WON?

20160619_230245-COLLAGE 20160619_230123(0)

We of course had to go out and celebrate with about a bazillion other people in CLE.  I may have been the only 10 month pregnant chick out there (and got plenty of high fives and funny comments) but it was worth it!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you get restless if you sit for too long?
  • Did you watch the NBA finals? Who did you root for?
  • What’s on your end-of-June bucket list?

I’m linking up today with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

7 thoughts on “Another Weekend of Us (40 Weeks Pregnant)

  1. You are all baby! Your legs & ankles don’t look swollen in the least either. It looks like you enjoyed week #40! I can’t wait to hear about baby week #1. All of the food looks delicious, especially your Father Day french toast brunch. Thanks for linking with us Melissa.

  2. This summer is not stopping you and girl you look amazing!!!
    I so get restless! I notice it more at the campground when my hubs just wants to sit and relax I am up moving ever few hours, even if it’s to walk around the loop. I can tell your going to stay just as active when little one gets here! Do you think you’ll run with a stroller? Those moms who do that are just beast!

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