Weekends with a Three Month Old

FW is officially three months old. He’s no longer a newborn and I’m back to semi-routined lifestyle. It’s strange, new and yet I love every single minute of it. Especially the weekends, when FW, B and I can spend time together do what we love doing best – going for walks and runs, cooking, eating, and hanging out on patios. And that’s exactly what we did this weekend!

This weekend included ALL of the above. Including:

Friday night pizza and beer. The tradition never gets old. Especially with pumking – one of my favorite fall beers!


It’s finally feeling like fall which means it’s sweater and sweatshirt weather here. FW likes the chilly weather and finally being able to wear this zip up!20161001_164506

We started Saturday with a semi-picnic breakfast outside at Public Square. I love Bloom Bakery’s treats and their bagels are the best. img_20161001_090102

We also took a nice walk around downtown and the Flats. The family that wears grey sweatshirts together …


And because it was Saturday, we hit up the market for some groceries. I planned out all our dinners for this week and am excited to try some new easy recipes!20161001_143010

And when the weather cleared up, we hit up Parnell’s for a patio drink.20161001_180739

We kept it simple for Saturday’s dinner – some bread, cheese and soup. 20161001_183442

There was also brunch. Which for me, means sweet (French toast) AND savory (runny eggs!).

And a lovely fall family stroller run.


And I was even productive. Got some work done (yup, now that I’m back at work there are some things to get done on weekends) AND some meal prep for the week. Lots of roasted veggies and some boobie/energy bites and bars for snacks.


All in all it was a great weekend here – I’m not ready for reality to kick back in today!

Some questions for you:

  • Did you spend time outside this weekend? It felt like fall here!
  • Do you meal prep? What are some easy meals/snacks you can make in advance?

I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.


8 thoughts on “Weekends with a Three Month Old

  1. Ah West Side Market I miss it so much. I just used up the rest of my spice stash from last Christmas from the little spice stand. I will be in Cle. in December to get more. Your meal prep looks fantastic. I like doing roasted veggies, salads, some chicken, and energy bites to help with some of the meal prep throughout the week. One of these days I would love to knockout all meals for the week while meal prepping, but I’m definitely not there yet….

  2. Ooh your little one is growing up so fast!!! Looks like a wonderful family weekend for you all 😁 My little ones and I spent lots of time outside this weekend! It’s been beautiful here lately but our first frost is in the forecast this week… Hello, winter?! Hopefully not yet!

  3. You just totally made me hungry, and your baby is so adorable! I loved those days of silent snuggles. Now, my 5 and 7 year old just talk back all weekend long! (Visiting from the Her Heartland Soul Linkup)

  4. He is growing right before our eyes! So cute. The only meal prep I do is grocery shopping. When my kids were small, I wish I would have known it was “a thing”. It would have made my life so much easier! You are really enjoying your weekends as a family unit. I think that’s wonderful. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

  5. Wow 3 months already, dang he is grown up so fast! I have got to make it a habit of trying to plan my meals ahead. This going to the store and same text message from my hubs every week night is getting old. Meal prepping just does not work for me but simply planning ahead would at least save me time!
    It did feel like Fall this past weekend but the temps are creeping back up. I still enjoyed campfires and even made cabbage soup! Thanks Melissa for linking up!

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