No, YOU’RE The Best

I really can’t complain about the weekend. We had gorgeous weather and were able to spend time outside. I got in 2 outdoor runs. We had outdoor beers and an outdoor lunch. I was semi-productive. The Indians won. AND I got to celebrate some hard work at the Best of Cleveland event.

Friday night after work, B and I opted to take a walk before dinner and find somewhere to grab a drink.  As we were walking, the little guy fell asleep!

It was a gorgeous night, and tons of people were out for the baseball game.
img_20161014_201642 So we did what any new parents would do- found a patio to enjoy a nice beer and ordered a pizza. Pizza 216 really is my favorite place for thin crust. 20161014_201919 img_20161014_193108

We were able to follow along with the Indians game and were excited when they won!

Sunday morning, Mary was running 16 miles, so B, FW and I decided to join her for the last 3ish. I am really enjoying running with B and sharing the stroller!
That afternoon, we headed to the east side of town to enjoy the changing leaves and 70 degree temps and watch a college football game. But first, we had time for a little walk. Followed by lunch- tater tots and hot dogs! I had an amazing vegan dog with lentil chili, cheese and veggies.



I think FW enjoyed the football game – the weather was perfect!


That night,  B had tickets to the Indians game and while he was there watching them bring home another WIN, I was at the Best of Cleveland event, celebrating the @InTheCLE twitter account. The citizen voice twitter handle that I founded a few years ago  (each week it features a new Clevelander) won Best Social Media so me, Victoria and Laura were there manning the booth and getting new sign-ups.

20161015_174457 20161015_182753 20161015_183003 20161015_184820

The event didn’t end until late, but I headed out a littlr early to get some work done when a client crisis popped up. I was pooped- I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle it all!

Sunday morning included some smiles with this guy…


And also a run with Nicole (like the good old days!), some meal prep, and cooking. 20161016_104107

And because it was sunny and 78 degrees, B and I were able to go for a walk with FW and enjoy lunch outside.



And then a perfect grilled dinner. I love the warmer weather we are having!!


  • Did it feel like summer near you again suddenly?
  • Did you get in any runs or races this weekend? It seemed like everyone I knew had a race!

And because it’s Monday, I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

13 thoughts on “No, YOU’RE The Best

  1. Were heading to Cleveland this weekend for my husbands induction into BW baseball hall of fame. My husbands taking my son to zoo Sunday and I have all morning to my pself! Any places I should go for pampering, shopping, etc.? Thank So!

    • Oooh where to begin? There’s so much! Where in CLE will you be? What type of thing are you looking to do? If you want to have pampering/shopping and are near the west side, out in the ‘burbs (Westlake) there’s an outdoor shopping type place, Crocker Park, that has a few salons, shopping and a massage joint!

  2. I am also loving the warm weather here. We are about 10 degrees warmer than normal weather said today. 80s today..wohoo! I’ll take it for mid October. Congrats on your work win! Fun pic with the ladies!

  3. I can’t believe the spike in temps this week. I’m in Philly and the highs are back to 80s after being in the 60s last week. I love the warmer weather, but my sinuses have trouble adjusting to the huge changes :/ I’ll still enjoy it. Eating outside is the best and getting some sun.

  4. Your baby is adorable! This is my first time visiting your site…congratulations on your internet achievements this weekend 🙂

    We actually got some rain last night. This is a huge deal since we are in our 5th year of severe drought. It wasn’t as warm as it had been, which was a welcome break. Next weekend will be in the 90s 😓

  5. It did seem like everyone was racing somewhere didn’t it! That’s really cool on your twitter event! Who knew!
    Yes other than a few Fall teasers it has remained summer here. In fact I have on a short dress an sandals. Will I ever get to break out the boots????

  6. Your weekends always seem like they are so busy (in a good way) and so much fun! As a new Mommy, I don’t see how you fit it all in. My hats off to you. I pretty sure I didn’t have as much energy when mine were small. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

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