Perfect Birthday Weekend! (A March, Some Runs, Good Food and Beer)

I guess this past weekend was my birthday weekend. My birthday falls on a Monday this year so I was happy to celebrate it with a WARM weekend in CLE doing tons of fun things.

Seriously, I couldn’t have planned the weekend better – it was not only in the 50s-60s but I also got to do so many things I enjoy!

Like ….

Stroller running. Outside. With B and of course FW. And it was in the mid-50s!!


Attending the Cleveland Women’s March. We got there too late to march but we were able to take in the crowd and see all the people! FW slept through most of it.

20170121_123333 20170121_124524

Continue the theme of celebrating women with Ladies Craft Beer Society. This month’s craft? Herbed butters! I made a sweet butter (cinnamon/sugar butter) and a garlic basil butter, oregano butter and a chive butter.


Naturally we had to make something for dinner with our butters. B found a recipe from Lidia for homemade ravioli with shrimp and tomatoes – they were SO GOOD.


The finished product …20170121_211028

Another outdoor run. This time, just me. And it was actually great! As  much as I prefer running with people, it was nice to have no planned route, not have to push a stroller and just enjoy the (again!) warm weather. 6.25 miles at just under 9 min/mile pace. I felt so alive!


A great veggie burger for lunch.


A walk with B, FW and the cousins.


And – not pictured – a great Sunday night meal and MORE ICE CREAM CAKE!!

Some questions for you:

  • Did you participate in a Women’s March?
  • Was it seasonably warm near you also?

I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Birthday Weekend! (A March, Some Runs, Good Food and Beer)

  1. Happy Birthday!!! That’s awesome you got down to the march – even late. We marched in San Diego. It’ made me feel so much better. And the signs were amazing/hilarious.

    It’s actually unseasonably COLD here. Crazy! I’d still eat some ice cream cake though.

  2. Happy Birthday! I know you enjoyed that solo run. They are such a great way to reflect, gather your thoughts and let the stress melt away. The sweet butter you made sounds delicious. I’m very impressed with your homemade ravioli. I’m lazy when it comes to cooking these days. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

  3. Happy Birthday! So nice you got to have some warm weather in January. It was definitely pretty warm here too. And OMG that ravioli! I’m drooling!

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