Bad Mom Days

Let me let you in on a secret. There are some days that I feel like a bad mom.

Earlier in the week I had one of those days. I picked up FW from daycare and knew it was going to be a hard night. His teacher mentioned that he hadn’t napped, didn’t eat much of his lunch, didn’t want to drink anything during the day, and he was cranky. Oh, and he was crying when I got there – which he never is.

So, instead of taking him to the playground after daycare as I was originally thinking we’d do, I popped him in the carseat and we headed home. Bad mom move number one. Good moms take their children to the swings on sunny days!

What good moms do (not what we did)

As soon as I got him in the car, he started crying. And then of course the second we pulled into our apartment parking lot, he passed out. Because he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before (we were up with him from midnight until 2 a.m.) and because he hadn’t slept much at daycare, I decided to let him nap. Bad mom move number two. Good moms don’t let their kids nap after 5 p.m.!

After we got back to the apartment, I thought I’d let him play for a bit while I prepared dinner. That wasn’t happening – the second I put him down on the floor he cried. And I’m not talking about the little baby whimpering that goes on for a few minutes but then goes away when you distract them – no, I’m talking about the sobbing, head down on the floor type of crying that is typically inconsolable. So, I picked him up in one arm and attempted to chop of veggies with my right hand. Bad mom move number three. Good moms NEVER use a knife while carrying their baby. AND good moms don’t multitask with their baby; they give their children their undivided attention. 

FW didn’t really stop crying and made the sign for hungry, so I attempted to put him in his high chair to feed him. He continued to cry, so I put on some music. Still cried, so I resorted to turning on Elmo’s Song video on YouTube. Bad mom move number four. Good moms don’t allow screen time, especially on children under two years old.

Bad mom’s savior

FW settled down for a little bit, so I attempted to continue to make dinner and feed him. I gave him some zucchini and sweet potato. He threw it on the floor immediately. I gave him some spinach muffin and cheese. That landed on the floor as well. Then, I tried some bread and peanut butter. He shook his head and pushed all the food on the floor, dramatically picking up the peanut butter bread and dropping it – of course it landed peanut butter side down. I tried and tired again, but eventually gave up and ended up giving him some jarred peaches and graham crackers. Bad mom move number five. Good moms feed their children balanced meals and give them whatever you’re eating. And of course you don’t give in – they’ll eat if they’re hungry!

You can guess where the night ended. After FW’s not-so-well-rounded meal, because B being out late buying paint for the house, I was in charge of putting FW to bed. Which of course ended up being late and past his bedtime (and meant he ultimately cried himself to sleep … because, well, bad mom, again). And then instead of spending the evening cleaning or making food for FW, I caught up on work emails and started packing up 1 box of kitchen stuff for the move.

I’m not a hoarder, but this is the embarrassing state of my apartment right now …

I know that he won’t remember days like this and that we’re doing the best we can, but sometimes it’s hard to be a good mom 100% of the time. Does anyone else feel this way?

7 thoughts on “Bad Mom Days

  1. Ohhhh, girl. You are an amazing mom and you’re doing a great job. I’ve had this day. Not this exact day, but you know what I mean.

    There’s a lot going on in your life right now with the move, and it sounds like maybe it’s intersecting with some sleep regression/teething/etc. and you’re doing all you can to help him feel better while keeping all the other balls in the air.

    My kid has eaten nothing but pickles for dinner some nights. And while I was a sanctimonious follower of the Church of No Screen Time until pregnancy fatigue kicked in with Baby 2, that 25 minutes of Daniel Tiger ( gives me a chance to cook dinner without splattering hot grease on a toddler, and he’s actually started singing along to the theme song and carrying some of the lessons to real-life situations, so it’s probably not going to lead to a life of crime or living in my basement until he’s 43. (Probably).

    I’ve noticed that because I can’t justify being mad at a toddler for not sticking to my plans, I end up directing all that anger at myself, and that helps no one and nothing. So, be a little nicer to yourself. And have a little wine while you pack. It will get easier (at least for a little while!) very soon. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I wouldn’t say this is a bad mom day- I’d say this was just a bad day. I think it would’ve been worse to take an already tired baby to the park, he would’ve gotten even more tired. You even tried to make him dinner- a healthy one at that! That’s an A Plus mom move. Most mom’s would have been like, here’s a pouch, here’s some noodles… but you tried! As for TV… we don’t let Kara watch it regularly, but ya, to help calm her down. I mean, we as adults use coping mechanisms when we need it, it’s only fair we allow are kids to have them sometimes too. Girl- you handled this day like a freakin champ!

  3. I believe this is just called life with a toddler. Haha I let my kid watch TV sometimes because it’s the only way she’ll cuddle with me anymore. I imagine the no screen police bursting in to take me away but TOO BAD.

  4. Holy shneikies!! That sounds rough, but of all things, you certainly dont sound like a bad mom! Don’t be so hard on yourself : ) I didn’t know that “no screen time for kids under 2” was a thing! That seems a little intense…. idk. I dont have kids, so who am I to talk? but it does sound a bit extreme..

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