A HOT week of running


We had another HOT week in Cleveland, with temps in the 80s and even low 90s all week. It’s not the best running weather, but I was able to get out most mornings and runs before the heat really set in.

I don’t mind the heat – even though most people I know prefer fall for running, if I’m running in the morning, the warm-ish temps make it easy to figure out what to wear and just pop out of bed to run. In the winter and even some fall day, figuring out how to bundle up is half the battle!

Here’s how this week turned out:

Some of the highlights from this week:

I started off the week with a 10k race with Nicole. When Nicole lived downtown, we used to run together all the time. Now, we actually both live in the burbs, but this is the first time we’ve run together. We ended up running/walking in the heat, but it was my longest run since I had piriformis issues!

This is more of a lowlight I suppose, but I ended the week with some skinned ones.  On Saturday, I ran with Mary to our niece’s crosscountry meet. On the way there, I took a pretty good fall, twisted my ankle and skinned my knees. I’m okay, but it was a bloody mess!

Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you fell when running?
  • What is your favorite season for running?

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5 thoughts on “A HOT week of running

  1. Sorry to see you fell! I hope you heal quickly and it doesn’t hurt your running much! I fell twice in one week back in February. I couldn’t wear pants for weeks, my knees were so bruised and raw!

    Also, I love running pretty much any time of the year except summer. I’m so over this weather!

  2. Glad we aren’t the only ones with crappy weather still! When will the heat and humidity end?! I don’t mind 70’s but the 80-90’s at 5AM suck. Last time I feel was a long time ago (knock on wood) but we were in China and everyone just looked at me. It was awkward.

  3. I love to run in late fall/early winter. I love it when I can wear long sleeves, but still wear a skirt to run.

    I’ve taken many a dive while running. I think the last time I fell though was during Ragnar Trail Richmond last spring. I did a belly flop into a pile of leaves…

  4. Ooh that fall looks nasty!! Hope you’re okay 😊 my last fall was at the start of this year, I’d had almost no sleep but wanted to go run my 10 planned miles. It was going terribly, I was really not enjoying it… And then tripped over a paving slab and sprawled on the pavement. Funnily enough, once I’d got up I enjoyed the rest of that run so much more! (Mainly for the looks of shock I got from people seeing my bloody knees)

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