1 Weekend, 2 Runs (Plus Some Good Food)

Before we had two kids, weekends looked a little different. Not only did we get in more sleep and stay out later, but weekends meant running. There was usually one long run and one shorter run. Weekends were time to spend hours on the roads, and whether I was running by myself or with B, I’d be getting in some miles.

Weekends are a little different now. Why? Weekends are time for me to spend with my family- any time I am outside on a run by myself, I’m not with the kids. Do I sometimes feel guilty? Yes, especially now that we have 2! But somehow this weekend I managed now 1, but 2 runs! Saturday by myself and then Sunday with FW.

In addition to the 2 runs, the weekend also included some good food. B made some great French onion soup Saturday night for dinner.

I also baked some cookies.

And check out these spooky sweet treats my niece and mother-in-law made!

And in some other exciting, running-related news, I’m excited to share that once again I’m a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador this year! Last year I ran the 5k/10k challenge series at 39 weeks pregnant (LM was born 4 days later) –we’ll see what this year’s race entails for me!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever made French onion soup before?
  • How often do you run on the weekends?

I’m linking up with the weekly wraps

5 thoughts on “1 Weekend, 2 Runs (Plus Some Good Food)

  1. When the boys were little, I didn’t run long distances. Once they started school, I was able to run more. The weekends were when I had my best runs. My husband isn’t a runner, so he was happy to hang with the boys while I ran. I loved those runs–still do–it was my me time!

  2. I’m glad you were able to get two runs this weekend! I ran at lunch for years and rarely on the weekends. It just worked better for my kids when they were in school. Those are the cutest Halloween treats. I can’t remember the last time I had French Onion Soup. It looks delicious! Thanks for linking!

  3. THose spider cookies look amazing
    39 weeks. Whoa! I’ve heard good things about Cleveland – will go look into it
    I’m not a parent but spent the last two weekends with kids and ooph — I missed my weekend routine

  4. My husband and I were just talking about how we used to spend so much time at the gym before we had a kid ha! Sometimes we would run but other times it was like 2 hour trips to the YMCA. So much free time, so much leisure, sigh. Lately I’ve been doing more weight lifting and HIIT for quick cardio workouts. Also watching diet, which is always a struggle if you aren’t working out 2 hours a day!

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