It’s Getting Cold Out There

My last running post may have been about how October was a great running month, how the weather was amazing and yatta yatta yatta. Well, the running gods heard me, because this week November came in with a BANG and it was cold. We even had our first few snow flurries!

I wasn’t really feeling most of my runs this week. It seemed like every other day felt either good or tired/sluggish/too cold. Friday morning’s run I really just wanted to be in my bed, under my covers. It was starting to snow while I was out there and the “feels like” weather was in the teens. So Saturday I took a self-prescribed rest day and I’m hoping that this upcoming week is a little better!

In total this week, I ended the up with 28.51 miles.

The highlights from the week?

Sunday was another stroller run with LM! I typically run with FW, but this was two days in a row of getting out and running with LM. I was COLD, so I made sure LM was bundled up. She did alright for the 4 miles!

It was chilly but we did get to see some fall foliage.

The aforementioned cold weather this week. I’m not ready.

But at least these skies are pretty!

Questions for you:

  • Is the fall foliage still beautiful near you?
  • How do you decide if you’re going to run indoors vs. outside?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down

4 thoughts on “It’s Getting Cold Out There

  1. Our fall foliage is almost done with color…lots of drab browns and faded yellows remain. It was just starting to turn when it got so cold, practically overnight. We still have a lot of leaves on the trees, though. Still a great week for you…great mileage!

  2. yay for two stroller runs with LM! but boo on the cold weather. I’m not much of a treadmill runner and as long as it’s not super windy or raining really hard, I’ll go out and face the elements. But I’m not sure it gets as cold here as it does there.

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