A Weekend Before Winter Craziness Sets In

“What are you guys doing this weekend?” My mom asked me on one of our daily calls (yes, we talk pretty much daily) this week.

“I don’t think we have anything planned,” I replied. And then I checked our calendar. Sure enough, this is the last weekend before the holidays with absolutely nothing on our calendar! So, I was looking forward to having nothing planned and doing whatever we wanted. Which turned into a date night, several trips to the museum, a visit to the library, a playground stop and more.

Here’s what the weekend entailed:

I have a decent amount of vacation time left this year, so I decided to take a few hours off Friday and hang out with FW. This meant we had some fun one-on-one time, which included going to the “pancake store” for lemon ricotta pancakes.

A trip to the museum.

Some reading at the library.

Some chilly outdoor play.

That night, B and I had a date planned. We started off with dinner. Which included oysters, caesar salad (with big anchovies YUM) and octopus.

And then, the Cleveland Orchestra!

Love the walls and ceiling.

Saturday included some cleaning … thank goodness for little helpers!

And then, another trip to the museum. FW wanted to go again, this time with B and LM.

Some Saturday night meatball and sauce making.

I also finally go to see On The Basis of Sex.

Sunday included a stroller run with FW. We used the time to also run errands – we included a trip to the library (to return On The Basis of Sex), pick up milk and buy bread and a scone at the bakery.

After lunch, we spent some time outdoors and also walked to the playground. It was in the 40s, so it felt “warm” and we’re supposed to be cold and snowy this week so I wanted to make sure we got at least one more outing with the kids!

And we finished the day with dinner with B’s family. And now – onto the beginning of the November craziness!

Questions for you:

  • Have you seen On the Basis of Sex?
  • Is your November/December busy?

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