A Cold and Snowy Three-Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday! We had a three-day weekend on our side, because the kids’ school was closed on Monday, so we had to take the day off. It ended up being a pretty ugly weekend weather-wise, from snow to ice to rain to more snow again to bitter cold (feels like in the negatives!) temps, so most of our activities were done indoors. But thanks to the treadmill and some other things we had going on, I didn’t get too restless. Here’s a look at what the weekend entailed:

Some baking! We made some muffins (they’re banana+oat+zucchini+spinach+lentil and sprinkled with chocolate chips on top) to save for breakfasts/snacks.

We also baked some biscotti! This is B’s favorite – ginger chocolate almond – and they’re his mom’s recipe that I’ve tweaked somewhat and may ned to share someday.

Speaking of B’s mom, we also spent some time with her – she is unfortunately in the hospital for some testing, but we hope to know more soon. (no pictures from our visit, but trust me, the kids made sure to entertain everyone there)

I said goodbye to a friend who is moving to Colorado. She had a goodbye party at Masthead, and while it was sad to see her go, I did get to enjoy a coffee stout AND now have another friend to see when I make the trip out to Colorado this year (hopefully).

We (B and LM) made pizza! We were supposed to have friends over for dinner Saturday night but they got sick, so we ended up just having an indoor pizza night.

We got some takeout (Stone Oven!) and did lots of snuggling.

Monday we woke up to MORE snow and it snowed throughout the day. I’m not a big fan of tons of snow, but the kids enjoyed getting in some outdoor play time!

They enjoyed crawling and walking in the snow, and of course getting pushed in the sled.

Something tells me that winter is finally here and is going to be around a little longer. And I guess we may as well enjoy it.

Questions for you:

  • Did you get snow this weekend? Do you like snow?
  • How do you stay active in the winter?

3 thoughts on “A Cold and Snowy Three-Day Weekend

  1. Cold, snowy days are OK once in a while. Although I was working from home part of the time, last weekend’s weather also gave me a chance to do some cooking, reading and Netflix watching.

  2. Love seeing your kids cooking with you – such memories of when my kids were little – they now can cook an entire meal on their own at 13 and 14. The banana+oat+zucchini+spinach+lentil and sprinkled with chocolate chips cookies look amazing.

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