Running with my Parents in Town

Another week of run streaking down and I’m now at 65 days! I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep this up, but it’s been actually great to get out there every day. This week was easier than usual, because my parents were in town for a few days! So, Sunday and Monday I was able to sleep late (6:30-7 ish) and get in a run while the kids hung out with my parents. They enjoyed the Nonna and Grandpa time and I enjoyed the time to myself to run!

This week, I also broke 40 miles. When I was finishing up my Saturday run, I took a quick look at my last week’s total (40.38 miles) and decided to keep running so that I could beat it. So this, 40.39 miles, is just a little longer 🙂

Current Running Streak: 65 days in a row

And now, the highlights:

FW turned FOUR this week! My goal was to wake up early, and get in 4 miles and shower before he even woke up. I did it! I got up earlier than I expected and got in a little over 5. I was home in time to shower and enjoy birthday pancakes with him.

The week also included some extra walks – because my parents brought their dog with them! So we got in a few short walks with her and the kids.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have a dog? How often do you walk them?
  • What’s your favorite birthday breakfast?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


6 thoughts on “Running with my Parents in Town

  1. Your streak is going strong! We walk our dog a couple of times every day (and let him out a few extra times as well). When it’s really cold or really hot, though, we just “cheat” and let him out in the back yard because none of us (him included) want the drama of all the stopping/sniffing/marking when the weather is uncomfortable.

  2. Those birthday pancakes look delicious! And the picture of your daughter with the pup is so cute! Scooby gets two walks a day (about 1 mile each) plus an afternoon potty break.

  3. Happy birthday, FW! Four is so fun!

    We have three pugs. The oldest two (15 and 10) are not into walking. The 15 year old loves to sunbathe but it’s too hot for him to be outside all day. The 10 year old has hated any kind of physical exertion since the day we rescued her, about 4 years ago. The puppy is 4 months old and i walk her about 4 times a day. Pugs in Florida have to be careful, so right now she does about a half mile max, but she loves it.

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