Breaking Mileage Records AND A New Race To Sign Up For

June has come and gone and I can’t believe we’re onto another month of working at home, pandemic life and well, everything that comes with it. The one perk of my work-from-home is that I have been able to get in longer runs. I typically wake up early, do a little work, go for a run, and am back working sometimes even before I was usually in the office. This has led to some higher-than-typical mileage weeks and months for me! Which means I’m staying in running shape, and that’s good because I have a NEW race that I’ll be participating in.

But first, here’s how June ended up: Total miles run – 176.78 miles.

And last week I ran my highest mileage week probably ever for me, hitting 44 miles. And I’m still streaking — I’m at 72 days in my running streak.

Here’s how this week looked:

I got in two 8 mile runs this week. The one Monday was not planned – I somehow got out earlier than usual and was feeling good enough to get in a few more miles than planned. And, I saw SO many deer this week. Some weren’t even afraid of me! This big guy was so close and just went about his business when he saw me. 

Also, this week my swag bag from the Cleveland Marathon came! You may remember that I did a virtual half marathon and 5K in May (their Challenge Series), and they couldn’t ship the bags with shirts, medals, etc. until after businesses were reopened.  I love my medals, shirts and bag!

And – in exciting race news, there’s a new virtual race in Cleveland – DASH ACROSS THE LAND!

The Cleveland Marathon and UH Sports Medicine are partnering for this new event to support more than 50 Northeast Ohio high schools and colleges. The race is raising money to  help UH Sports Medicine provide schools with the appropriate supplies to keep student-athletes healthy and safe during the 2020 – 2021 school year.

Event Details:
Where: Anywhere (this is a virtual event)
When: ‪August 14-17, 2020‬
Distances: 5k, 10k, & 1-Miler
Registration is now open:

So, if you’re looking for a new virtual race with a good cause, definitely sign up. I’ll likely be doing the 10k and excited to have something new to train for!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any virtual races coming up?
  • Are you still working from home?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


10 thoughts on “Breaking Mileage Records AND A New Race To Sign Up For

  1. wow you sure did have a high mileage week! Nice job and glad you are feeling so good about your runs. The deer are everywhere this summer and they don’t seem to be scared of people anymore. They don’t even move when we approach anymore. Not sure what is up with them! Thanks for linking and have a great week

  2. That is awesome about your run streak and your June mileage!!! Great job! Yep, still working from home (summer school) but this week is my last week. Then I will be off for Summer break.

  3. Wow on that deer! I don’t see deer that close now that I’m out with Scooby, except for the day three got stuck in our yard — they jumped over a fence to get in, but couldn’t get out until my husband opened a gate for them. Nice race swag! The virtual race sounds like a good one.

  4. I love all the swag you received from the virtual Cleveland Marathon races – so cool! That new virtual race sounds really good and I love that it supports a great cause.

  5. Nice swag fro CLE Marathon, and what a great week of miles! Your streak certainly agrees with you 😉

  6. Nice swag fro CLE Marathon, and what a great week of miles! Your streak certainly agrees with you 😉

  7. Still home. Still waiting for the world to get it together LOL.

    Super cool race! I’m working through the Best Damn Race Florida Challenge (1000K with a partner) and the Hadrian’s Wall 90 mile challenge. They are keeping me going through these days of absolutely no fun.

    I love all the deer you are seeing, too! How beautiful!

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