Running With A Little Cold

It’s October, and that means that fall is here, and unfortunately, it also means that I got my first cold of the season.

And yes, it was just a cold — with my parents coming into town for the long weekend and us seeing B’s parents regularly (his mom is high-risk and has a compromised immune system), I decided to get tested for COVID. It was a simple, pretty painless process, and within 24 hours I found out it truly was just a cold. Yay!  

But the cold, combined with my plantar fasciitis, has left my mileage not being as high as it has been the past few weeks. 

Here’s what the week looked like. I also tried to take some walks each day so, that mileage is included once again. 


Here are some highlights from the runs.

Sunday, FW and I got out with the stroller again. This was our third week in a row! It was much chillier than the past week – and actually felt like fall! – and FW was bundled up for the run.

We ran along a path that I enjoy and it was pretty empty, which was nice. And we got in a quick view of the nearby lake.

I’ve also seen some great Halloween decorations this week! Take a look at these O-H-I-O skeletons.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you seeing some good Halloween decor on your runs?
  • Should I keep track of runs AND walks while I’m making an effort to go for more walks during the day?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.



5 thoughts on “Running With A Little Cold

  1. I’m glad it’s “just a cold” but sad that this year every cold will bring covid worries too. I saw so many fun Halloween decorations this weekend — I don’t know if there will be trick-or-treating here, but at least we have the spirit.

  2. I have seen a bunch of fun and creative Halloween decorations. I don’t do them anymore since our kids are gone. I don’t think we will be having trick or treating here this year sadly. hope you are feeling better!

  3. The O-H-I-O skeletons are great! If I was ambitious, I’d find four of them and do the I-O-W-A pose…but it’s been so windy, I doubt they would remain standing.

  4. I track both runs and walks (well, “walks with purpose”). I think it counts 🙂

    We have some fabulous Halloween decor in our area. I love to see it.

    Hope you’re feeling better. It sucks that every sniffle has you going for worst case scenario.

  5. I hope you feel better and that it is just a cold. Whenever I sneeze or feel like I am going to get sick, I also wonder if it is Covid related. I usually get sick when I am stressed out or during the rash change in temperature.

    Those are cute Halloween decorations. I’ve seen a few in my area too.

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