Meet me halfway!

Are you constantly trying to meet up with friends but tired of taking turns of whose place you’re going to? I live on the West side of Cleveland, and it’s always a drag getting the East-siders to come over, so we’re constantly taking turns which side of town we’re meeting in for dinner, drinks, etc.

Well, here’s a great solution – how about meeting halfway? What’s the problem you say? Where exactly is halfway?

I found two great sites that help you find out the halfway point AND provide points of interest, such as coffee houses, restaurants, hotels, and more.  These sites are:

I’m finding these sites especially helpful when I want to meet up with my family for the weekend who live in Upstate New York. How the heck am I supposed to know where to meet with them, especially when Upstate NY can seem like a vast drive through nothingness?  I found MeetWays to be particularly useful for this purpose, as it chose a spot right along 90, thus easy access for both me and my family. A Place Between Us chose a place that may have been directly between us, but was more in the middle of no where and quite a drive from any major highways.

Pass these along – they’re great! Do you know of any other sites like them?

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