Thinking Out Loud: 6 Months Pregnant Musings

This is the first time I’ve participated in the Thinking Out Loud linkup, and I’m pretty sure there’s no better way to join in than to talk pregnancy. Yes, sorry – my blog is becoming a baking, running, cooking, pregnancy blog. And this is a pregnancy post – so if you don’t care, please don’t read on.

As this is my first pregnancy, I’ve been very in tune to the way other people act, as well as the way I feel. And since Thinking Out Loud is the place for random thoughts (yay!), here are mine. And yes, I realize how cliche this post is going to be – but I DARE you to say so (warning: pregnancy hormones!):

Some people are extra nice to you when they find out you’re pregnant. This has happened to me several times. Case in point- I was at a hotel checking in and the lady behind the counter was pretty rude and not answering any of my questions. When she came around the counter to do something and saw my giant belly, she immediately changed her mood and started talking to me about her kids, motherhood, etc. It was as if a light has switched!

Ok maybe not THAT nice …

Some people love commenting about your belly. Like telling you when it looks bigger some days, that you’ve “really popped” and of course that they knew you were pregnant “because of the bump.” And suddenly feel free to ask about my weight. Yes, I know I look bigger some days. Yes, I feel like I’ve popped. But I also felt that way when I wasn’t pregnant (don’t we all have those bigger days?) and you likely do too – but I am NOT going to comment on your belly!

Everyday activities are just a little bit harder. I’m out of breath walking up hills. I get out of breath trying to talk too fast (which I do quite often anyway). Bending down to put on my shoes has started getting harder (and I know it’s going to get worse!). Oh, and I have pregnancy hormones which make me frustrated easily.

I’m extremely hungry and then extremely full at nearly the same time. I swear, some moments I’m ravenous and I can eat everything and anything. And I do. And then I regret it because I’m fuller than I’ve ever been and have trouble breathing because I’m so stuffed. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who has felt this way?

Everyone wants to know if you’re having a boy or a girl. And they’re either EXTREMELY happy you’re waiting to find out, or EXTREMELY surprised/peeved/in disbelief, etc. There really is no middle ground. People are either Team Surprise or Team OmgIcan’tBelieveYoureNotFindingOut

When you meet another pregnant person, it’s like you have your own little club and immediately bond. While pregnancy is different for everyone, there’s something amazing about meeting someone else in the same boat and knowing you immediately have something in common. It’s fun to hear how she’s feeling, how far along she is, cravings, etc. And you immediately talk as if you’re the only two in the world that have this crazy thing going on – when of course, there are millions of other people out there going through the same thing.

It’s very easy to forget I’m pregnant. Despite the bump, the tiredness, breathlessness and people’s comments, there are times I forget that I’m literally growing a human inside of me. I’ll think about grabbing a drink with friends, or the next half marathon I’m going to sign up for – and then boom – I remember. There’s a baby inside of me! And I can’t help but smile 🙂

Thanks for Running with Spoons for hosting this great linkup and helping me get some of this out there! Some questions for you:

  • Pregnant (current or former) people – what else would you add?
  • Non-pregnant people (if you’re still reading) – have you noticed you’re nicer to pregnant people sometimes? I never noticed this before I was pregnant.

And leaving you with this … because .. why not. A girl can dream!

13 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 6 Months Pregnant Musings

  1. Congratulations! I try to be very conscious about what I say/ ask pregnant women. I know they get so many weird things said to them so I try not to be THAT person 🙂

  2. This is a great list. I was pregnant at the same time as a coworker and my favorite was always when people would compare our two pregnant bodies. When in your life would you ever say to someone, “You are bigger than her.” RUDE! Also, I got belly-groped less than I expected… the big complaint is always random people rubbing your belly, but I think most of society has realized this is inappropriate.

  3. My parents choose not to find out if I was going to be a boy or girl before I was born either, and I’ve always wondered how they managed to do it without knowing, but the more I think about it, the more I think I’ll probably go that route myself too when the time comes. And I honestly try not to treat my pregnant friends any different than I would if they weren’t pregnant, and I definitely try to avoid all comments about appearance/mood. I figure it’s the least I can do 😆

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  4. LOVE THIS. They’re all so true! I don’t have any experience with the not finding out thing, since I’m probably team OMG I can’t believe you hae the willpower to not find out, but as a second time mom expecting the same gender as number one, everyone is either team, boys are the greatest, never ever have a girl because they’re too much work/brothers will be awesome OR team so you’re going to have a third and try for a girl, right?
    As for people being nice, it makes me laugh so hard. When I was commuting to work with my first, I would tell my coworkers that I would get into my car and drive home, but I would get SO confused when people would be rude and cut me off or something – duh, they couldn’t see the bump. You get used to people being so nice!

  5. Love this post. I’m not pregnant but think it’s fun to read about! Don’t worry, I can’t breathe when I talk too fast or eat too much either. Sometimes I laugh so much my whole head hurts. Weird but true. I think it’s so rude when people reach out and try to touch your stomach or comment about how big it is. You’re totally right, you wouldn’t do that to a non-pregnant person so why do you feel like it’s ok now? Kind of similar to you forgetting you’re pregnant, I forget I’m getting married in 7 months too. Also, I think it’s so FUN to wait to find out the sex of the baby. I think I’d want to do that too! People just need to back out your business if they don’t agree. haha

    • Ha, glad you still find reading this enjoyable. I didn’t really get into reading this type of content until I was pregnant but I’ve never been an overly girly person into any of that girly stuff – wedding planning, babies, etc. I’d better get ready!

  6. I stumbled across your blog via the weekly wrap up–love this post!!!!
    I have 4 kiddos and the first 3 I found out the gender but the last baby we didn’t want to know before the birth. The funny thing is is that it was our families that were so upset about us not finding out! but I agree, there is absolutely no middle ground,lol!!!
    One thing I didn’t like was the comments I received at the gym, especially as my due date approached. “what are you still doing here?” “my your getting bigger by the DAY!” “are you sure you should be doing [any type of exercise seen doing such as running,lifting weights,plyometrics,etc]”
    The funniest thing I think is that when a 9+ month pregnant lady is the gym working out, and she stops between sets, its amazing how many ppl think she is labour!
    Hang in there with everything-you will hear some pretty messed up stuff and get some cray advice from complete strangers-simply smile and nod your head like you understand and take it with a grain of salt.
    : )

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