June Running in Review

Where has June gone?! All in all, June has been a pretty good month for me for running. I have gotten in more than 100 miles, including one 5k race! My goals for the month were to run 5 days a week, including 2 outdoor runs, and while I haven’t been able to consistently get in 2 outdoor runs each week, I have gotten in 6 days of running each week and at least 23 miles.

This week’s total was 33.46 miles!

 Some of the highlights:

  • 2 outdoor runs! I got out Sunday and Saturday, while B was able to watch FW.
  • I ran every day this week.
  • I got in some great beach views on my run Saturday. The lake is looking pretty nice right now!

Some questions for you:

  • How would you rate your June in running?
  • Any tips for getting in more outdoor runs with a baby?

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4 thoughts on “June Running in Review

  1. You had a great month! In the days my kids were in the jog stroller I tended to get outside to run really early before my hubby left for work. If I took them out with me, inevitably they wouldn’t last long or would want to pull over at the playground. You do what you can.

  2. My June running came to a crashing halt four days before my marathon, thanks to an unexpected bursitis flair. The marathon was able to happen, but it’s been an annoyingly slow recovery (aren’t we all impatient with this kind of stuff?)

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