Still Feeling Thankful

I had SUCH A GOOD Thanksgiving. Do you ever just feel full of love, family and thankfulness that it warms you up? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately and felt especially this past week, as I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in a few years. It was so great to see my aunts and uncles and cousins, and also to bring FW along – he hadn’t seen my family in nearly a year!

I’m not gonna lie – an 8+ hour car trip (well, one that’s supposed to be 8.5 hours … but turns into 10+) with a toddler isn’t easy. Or fun. But it was definitely worth it! Here are some highlights from the holiday weekend:

We started off the trip with a quick stop for breakfast. Bagels for the car ride! Even FW enjoyed an apple cinnamon bagel to-go.

Thursday morning started off with a Turkey Trot. We ran the Stratford (CT) Turkey Trot this year, which was a 5k. We did it with FW so we started out in the back behind the other strollers (and behind the walkers … ugh!), but still had a good time. 

We hit up quite a few playgrounds. There were a few in Connecticut and some in New York for FW to try. 

He was pretty happy on the two-person swing 🙂

We of course enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with our family! 

And got in the rare family photo. This picture was actually snapped approximately 20 seconds before FW vomited all over. No, he didn’t even eat any of the Thanksgiving food! So who knows what it was .. too much excitement?

FW loved hanging out with Grandpa. 

And Nonna!

FW also loved hanging out with my cousin, Max. Max and him had some quality time at another playground.

When back in Albany, FW got to play some piano, too. Even with my mom 🙂

I love the holiday season, and am super pumped that it is finally here. Less than one month until Christmas and I can see my family again!

Questions for you:

  • Did you travel this Thanksgiving?
  • Did you do a turkey trot?


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4 thoughts on “Still Feeling Thankful

  1. FW’s little bow tie and sweater! That sounds like an awful drive, but I can see how it would be worth it. I LOVE the holiday season, especially with a little one ❤ No Turkey Trot for me, but I did trot on my own!

  2. Nothing beats holidays with family. And, the bigger the better! That bow tie is so cute on FW! I’m sorry he was sick but luckily it was out of there quickly (pun intended!). My grandkids love to play my piano, but I can only stand it for a few minutes. 😉 We don’t have a Turkey Trot on THE day but I heard there would be one next year. Finally! Thanks for linking!

  3. I know what you mean about a long car ride! Any way you look at it in the RV from Disney to our house it’s 12 hours! Thank goodness the kids can spread out but the walls start creeping in after about 8 hours in there!
    I did run, more like sloshed, in a very wet 5k on Thanksgiving. But I just kept telling myself how thankful I am to be able to run so it make it much better!

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