Cleveland Half Marathon Training: One Week To Go

It’s TAPER time! That’s right, race day is NEXT weekend and it’s time to taper.

What does that mean for me for a half marathon? Well, I decided not to do a long run this past weekend (mostly because I was tired … and busy). And this week I’m keeping my runs to 3-4 miles at most. And then I’ll take Thurs/Fri off before getting to run the Cleveland Half Marathon Challenge Series 8k/half on Saturday and Sunday!

Last week’s training was okay. I did just under 30 miles total, and my “long” run was 6ish miles. I did two six-milers and it was amazing how different each felt. Thursdays was done on less 5 hours of sleep and I could not MOVE my body at all. Saturdays was done on a little more sleep and felt so much better!

Here’s a look at my 10x400m. I tried to keep my 400 meters under 8 min/mile paces, but not all worked out.

And take a look at the difference in Thursday and Saturday’s runs. Thursday was done at a slower pace, too – but check out the difference in heartrate!



What’s race day forecast looking like?

Well, it’s not my ideal racing weather (48-52 degrees and party cloudy), but it could be worse, right? Let’s just hope it doesn’t get much warmer and stays in the 50s during the actual race time. What are the chances of that?

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your ideal race weather?
  • Do you take a day or two off of running before a race?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “Cleveland Half Marathon Training: One Week To Go

  1. I’m on my own little (secluded LOL) island…I prefer warmer weather for races (and running , in general) than most.I appreciate how you mention all those 2-milers and how each felt different. It’s crazy how even running the same route can feel SO different depending on the weather or time of day or state of fatigue/energy.Thanks for linking with us!

  2. My ideal race weather would be in the 50’s with clouds. Yes I like to take 2 days off before a big race. Sounds like you are ready. Good luck next weekend!

  3. I think low 50s and cloudy is perfect for me — even if I’m a bit chilly at the start. I think taking two days off before a race is a good idea. Good luck!

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