Staying Entertained During A Pandemic

It has been 4 months since we’ve been home. Home from work, home from school and home with the kids. And surprisingly, we haven’t gone crazy. It likely helps that it’s summertime and we’ve had mostly beautiful (albeit hot) weather lately, and been able to enjoy some time outdoors. I thought by now for sure we’d be all stir crazy, trying o figure out what to do on the weekends, but in all honesty, the weekends have been great. We work so much during the weeks that the weekends are a needed reprieve. FW likes to say “You can read to me because you don’t have phone calls, Mommy!” and “No meetings today? You can play with us?” and although I do get a pang of guilt, I’m able to actually spend the time and enjoy it with the kids.

So, what have we been doing? Well, here’s a little glimpse at the past few weeks.

We go for walks every day! Even if it’s just a walk around the block after breakfast or after dinner, we get outside. The kids enjoy the rain – especially the puddles 🙂 

We’ve also been enjoying lots of treats. Ice cream has become an almost daily indulgence.

There has also been some visiting family for socially distant outings. We spent one morning at B’s uncle’s house — he not only has a pool, but also has a farm so the kids got to see the animals, which they loved.

FW loved the chickens.

And sitting on the HUGE tractor. 

We’re also eating so many meals outdoors. Picnics have become a daily happening. 

Oh, and there has been lots of baking. LM is my newest helper!

We made granola a few times. 

And even some brownies. 

We may have had to bake said brownies in the toaster oven because our oven broke – but they still came out GREAT.

We also are enjoying some outdoor movies. B bought a projector a few months ago, and we’ve been able to watch a few movies outside. We had a date night in and watched Hamilton. 

And a socially distant kid movie night with friends. 

What are we going to do when winter comes and we’re stuck back indoors? Who knows. But in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy our nice weather and fun times with the family!

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