1 More Week

In one week, I’ll have completed 365 days of my running streak!

It makes me nervous to put that in writing. What if I’m jinxing it? What if I get sick or injured in the next few days? What if I can’t complete a year? Who knows what will happen in the next few days, but hopefully the next time I share a running post, it’s to say that I’ve completed my year of running.

Again, this week had its ups and downs. I had a good run one day, but most of the days I felt tired, big and ready to quit. I’ll blame it on being 26 weeks pregnant and bigger than I can remember ever before. But, the one good run powered me through my week and gave me hope that I’ll be able to run more in the future!

Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday:  5.08 miles

Monday: 5.32 miles

Tuesday:  5.06 miles

Wednesday:  5.1 miles

Thursday:  5.55 miles

Friday: 5.07 miles

Saturday:  5.01 miles

Total Mileage: 36.19 miles

Weeks Pregnant: 26!

Running Streak Days: 359

Some highlights from the week:

Perfect sunrises

One good run (and you can see the baby bump)

AND I signed up for a virtual race! The Cleveland Marathon is doing an in-person race in the fall (Date TBD), but also a virtual race this May. Sadly, I won’t be doing the challenge series this year (that includes a half or full marathon on Sunday), but i do plan on doing a virtual 5K.


Some questions for you:

  • Have you signed up for any races coming up? In-person or virtual?
  • I’m getting a travel itch – do you have any plans for travel yet?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

10 thoughts on “1 More Week

  1. Wow,huge respect for you…running even while you´re pregnant!
    I just did another virtual run yesterday, I felt great and would love to do some more.I can totally relate to your highlights.That´s the best part of running during lockdown.
    Goodluck to you and hope to hear more of your running stories!Cheers from Germany!

  2. wow way to keep up your impressive run streak! I think you should get double points for doing it while pregnant. My first race is in September seems like so far away! I have a virtual in 2 weeks not the same but fun none the less

  3. And the streak goes on! Do you think you’ll try to continue after you reach day 365, or call it good? That’s an amazing accomplishment!!

  4. And the streak goes on! Do you think you’ll try to continue after you reach day 365, or call it good? That’s an amazing accomplishment!!

  5. I bet you will make it to 365 — will you quit then? I have signed up for November races. I am looking forward to traveling, but think we will be staying close to home for a while.

  6. Well, you’re running more than I am and I’m not pregnant! Yes, the closer you get to a year (I almost wrote “the end” but hopefully that’s not the end) the danger of something little and silly going wrong seems bigger! But… odds are at this time we’ll be reading all about your 365 days.
    We can’t decide about travel! I’m thinking we’ll probably just wait and then take a trip in August to take my son to college… we’ll see.

  7. That is quite the accomplishment. Probably harder than finishing a marathon. For most of us that only takes a day, or somewhat less than that!
    I have my first in person race since last February in May. I’ll be all shot up by then, but I’m still a little worried about all of these variants. The unknown is still unknown.

  8. You’ve got this! I know what you mean about jinxing big goals. Let’s just not think about it!

    I signed up for a real “big” race: the Best Damn Race half marathon in Safety Harbor. And also the 10K and 5K the day before. I don’t know what happened. I cannot be left unsupervised, clearly.

    We are starting to dip our toe into travel plans. Nothing too far or too crazy, but it’s a start.

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