Feeling Pretty Good

It was a good week. I got in some good treadmill runs, took some walks, did some stretching and even got to sleep in 2 days! It’s amazing what sleeping in (even if it’s just until 5:30 a.m.) can do for my mind, and how it makes my runs feel!

We had another snowy week – there’s still so much snow in fact, that the kids have turned the backyard into a snowy hill (with the help of my husband).

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 10.57.44 AM

So, I’m still pretty much sticking inside vs. dealing with the crazy icy sidewalks. Thus, here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday: 5 treadmill miles and a snowy walk with the kids

Monday: 5 treadmill miles and a walk

Tuesday: 5 treadmill miles  

Wednesday: 4 treadmill miles 

Thursday: 5.6 treadmill miles 

Friday:  5.6 treadmill miles plus some kettlebells, tricep dips & abs and.a walk

Saturday: REST DAY! Instead of running, I woke up early to have a coffee Galentine’s date with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. It was great to see everyone!

Total mileage:  30.24 miles  


Questions for you:

  • What are you doing for the Super Bowl? Any plans? As an Ohioan. I have to root for the Bengals!
  • Any Valentine’s or Galentine’s plans?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Pretty Good

  1. I’m rooting for the Bengals! Although it’s not a really strong preference- I just like the underdogs. I’m looking forward to the game and we’re making a special dinner.
    Sounds like you had a good week! Thank goodness for the treadmill, right? Your backyard hill looks super fun (for the kids!)

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