WIAW: I’m hooked!

I’m not going to lie – I’ve really been enjoying participating in What I Ate Wednesday posts. I love seeing what you are all are eating and love sharing (and remembering) my eats!

Once again, today’s eats are from my Tuesday meals and were a pretty planned out day with all meals as normal – no meals out, no traveling, no unexpected surprises. But hopefully still delicious looking!

As usual, my day started with egg whites and veggies, made by B. I ran out of my 100% egg whites so B added a few Egg Beaters as well.

I <3 breakfast! Egg whites, tomato and frozen veggies.

I ❤ breakfast! Egg whites, tomatoes and frozen veggies.

Oh, I also had some hard boiled egg whites for a snack – 3 of them. I HAVE AN EGG WHITE ADDICTION. Oh, and we ran out so what am I to do the rest of the week?!


Lunch was leftovers again – I love making extra food for lunches! I honestly used to hate leftovers – but now if I can I plan ahead just so I have a delicious lunch ready to go. (Is this what happens when you turn 30?!) Monday night I had made chicken sausage, peppers, onions (all from West Side Market!) over spaghetti squash with homemade sauce. So for lunch today, I had leftover spaghetti squash marinara with peppers, onions and a half a chicken breast that B had roasted.

roasted chicken breast on top of spaghetti squash marinara ... nomnomnom

roasted chicken breast on top of spaghetti squash marinara … nomnomnom

Snacks during the day included:

Carrots and celery


A Vanilla protein shake – B buys the BioTrust low carb protein and I think it’s pretty good. And filling!

Protein Shake Selfie!

Protein Shake Selfie!

Some pinto beans. Yes, they may be a weird snack but I was hungry when I got home and had made pinto beans last night so that’s what I snacked on.

20150210_174042 2

For dinner, I made a sweet potato zucchini hash with some chicken sausage we had bought at the West Side Market on Saturday. Oh my goodness – I wish you could taste this. It was SO good! It took me forever to chop everything up but it was SO WORTH IT. You’d better believe I have leftovers for today’s lunch!

Dinner! Sweet potato chicken sausage hash - so many good veggies - peppers, onions, hot pepper and zucchini

Dinner! Sweet potato chicken sausage hash with peppers, onions, hot pepper and zucchini

And here is where my Fitbit ended up for the day – I ran 5.5 miles in the morning, walked to and from work and got in some steps during a short (10 min) walk during the day.


Well, how did I do? Some questions:

  • Do you have a quick and easy go-to breakfast during the week?
  • What are your favorite at-work snacks?

7 thoughts on “WIAW: I’m hooked!

  1. I too used to despise leftovers. As I’ve gotten older though things have completely changed. I couldn’t imagined wasting food that I spend $$$ on.

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