Training Tuesday: Back on the Half Wagon

Where are all the New Year’s resolutioners? Is it just me – or has the gym/running trails/etc been eerily quiet the past week? I swear, every year at this time my gym gets more crowded and the running trails and paths get more full of people trying to make an effort to start the new year on track. But this year? I have yet to see this phenomenon.

Anyway, I’m BACK on the training bandwagon! I haven’t really stopped running, but I’ve been enjoying not having any planned races to train for and just running when I have time, am not super exhausted from life as a working mom with a baby who doesn’t sleep, and not feeling like I have to get out and run on the cold, snowy/icy, wintry roads.


he feels the same way i do about winter runs outside

BUT that’s all about to change – because it’s training season! That’s right, I’m officially training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon again. It’s coming up this May and as usual, I’ll be sharing my training with you as an ambassador. Stay tuned for a race entry giveaway, too!


I’ve done the race a few years in a row now (minus last year when I did the 10k/5k challenge series because I was just a weeeee bit huge and pregnant) and it’s a great tradition that I look forward to getting back at it!

running this pregnant was not as fun as it looks

running this pregnant was not as fun as it looks

2015 race - half marathon finish

2015 race – half marathon finish

Mary and I at the starting corral in 2014

Mary and I at the starting corral in 2014

So despite some of my nervousness about the race (Will I have time to train? Will I pass out on the treadmill since I’m so tired all the time? Will I be upset if I am not as fast as I have been in years’ past – since this is highly unlikely?! How can I breastfeed and train at the same time?), I’m excited to be finally committed to returning. Some questions for you:

  • What’s your next race?
  • Mommas – any hints for training with a baby?
  • Should I do the Challenge Series – 8k/half? Or just the half?

And it’s my first time linking up with My No-Guilt Life, Marciaโ€™s Healthy Slice, and MCM Mama Runs!

PS- Check out my Instagram for my running GIVEAWAY I have going on right now – I’m giving away this great book by a fellow Cleveland author and Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!


10 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Back on the Half Wagon

  1. Weren’t you just the cutest pregnant. You had a good excuse not running the half last yr. I’m sure the shortest distance was enough. Good luck in your training this yr for the half. Your pic about the gym is too funny. Right now it is hard to find a parking spot in front of the gym, but by next month I’m sure I will be back to front row parking.

  2. Running with a baby… that was a couple years ago now for me but I do remember packing them into the double stroller right at the youngest ones nap time so she would sleep for most of it, lots of snacks, toys and patience. I do remember finishing some runs with two crying kids in the stroller, but after awhile they both seemed to do really well on runs that were shorter than an hour. It;s more work but it makes you stronger!

  3. Hey welcome to the linkup! When my kids were little I was on the mill during the week (with usually someone staring at me from a bouncy seat/swing or watching Baby Einstein) and I got out for my long runs while my hubby stayed with the kids. He did his share of kid wrangling at races, but I didn’t do very many. All the best with your training and your race!

    • Thank you!! I don’t have a treadmill in my apartment, so I’ve had to stick to treadmill at the gym when FW is home with B. Having one on hand would be great!! And it’s great your hubby could do the kid wrangling while you raced. That’s half the battle now!

  4. I’m planning on running the Glass City relay at the end of April with my family. The good thing about that i the shortest leg is only a 5K so even if I’m not totally ready by then I can just run 3 miles! I’m hoping that I’ll be in better shape by then (just depends on my knee!)

  5. You got this! For me, training with a little one pretty much involved making sure I was drinking enough and breastfeeding immediately before and after some runs. My older son loved to sleep in the stroller, so I did a lot of stroller runs with him. The younger one used to like to nap while my older one was in preschool, so I’d get him to nap in the room with the treadmill and run until he woke up LOL.

  6. Well done on your commitment to get back into it – particularly with the challenges of a little one! I have no advise (as I don’t have children – other than the 28 that I teach!) but just send lots of positive thoughts your way. Sounds like you have all the motivation and enthusiasm you need to make a success of it ๐Ÿ™‚

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