Looking Back At 2018 Running Goals

Looking back at this year, I didn’t have many aggressive running goals. In the past, goals may have been to run 4 half marathons, do a sub-25 minute 5k, etc. But in 2018, my goals were:

  • To be able to run healthily throughout my pregnancy
  • To complete the Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series (5k/10k)
  • To be back at running after baby #2 and do 2 races in the fall

As I said, not very ambitious goals. Which is probably why I was able to meet them!

Here is how I did:

Run throughout my pregnancy as much as possible

Did I do it? Yes. In fact my last run was 4 days before LM was born (I ran/walked/hobbled a 10k). Was it easy? No. Were many of my runs primarily run/walks? Yes. This time around, running was much harder. When I was pregnant with FW, it was easier (not easy though) to continue running, and I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to do it with LM. But thanks to my treadmill, my supportive husband, and the Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors, I met this goal more often than not.

this photo isn’t related directly, but I wanted to include it 🙂

Complete the Cleveland Marathon* Challenge Series (5k/10k)

I went into this race weekend, 39 weeks pregnant, with 2 goals. 1. To at least try to run 2. To not give birth or go into labor on the course. And I met those goals, giving birth 4 days later.

Very pregnant for the 5k/10k

To be back at running after baby #2 and do 2 races in the fall

Similar to goal #1, this has also been much harder with LM than FW. I’m definitely getting back into shape, but it is a longer and slower process. But, I have done 3 races since giving birth in May, including one fun stroller run with the whole family. They weren’t PRs, but I did run the Turkey Trot faster this year than my first year!

Sunset Run 5k – first post-LM race!

Questions for you:

  • Do you make running goals?
  • Did you meet your 2018 goals?

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Disclaimer- I am a Cleveland Marathon race ambassador. That also means I have a 10% discount code off that you can use! You can sign up for any of the events – 5k, 8k, 10k, half, full, etc. – and you get 10% off with the code MC2019.

Cleveland Marathon Ambassador Badge

7 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2018 Running Goals

  1. NIce work this year, mama! I am always impressed by women who run through their pregnancies–I couldn’t do it! Although I hope you weren’t 49 weeks pregnant… :p

  2. Your goals were realistic for you. Congrats on a very successful 2018! Hope you are enjoying that baby. And…I have the same Cleveland marathon shirt your hubby is wearing in the picture! 🙂

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