Is It Spring Yet?

As you likely heard, Punxsatawny Phill saw his shadow, which means we have more winter coming our way. I know he’s not the most scientific source, but based on the way our weather has been, I’d say he was right. I mean come on, each day this week it either was frigid cold or it snowed. Or both. And, my Yaktrax broke (even more) one day while I was running. So, after a few days outside and a few more days on the treadmill, I am definitely ready for warmer temps, less icy sidewalks and sunshine.

This week’s weather doesn’t look promising – we’re in for ore snow AND a polar vortex. So I may be on the treadmill for a few more days! But at least my running streak is still up. As of today I’m at 290  days of running in a row!

Here is what the week looked like:

Snowy miles. Monday it snowed in the morning and it made for a perfect run. I was the first one out, meaning no footprints and no slippery sidewalks. There’s something peaceful about being the first and only one out on a fresh layer of snow, which is what it was like Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday — a really broken Yaktrax.

And then … Lots of treadmill action. But new sneakers! I have almost 500 miles on my old Sauconys. 

And, outdoor walks with the kids. At least they love the white stuff 🙂 And at least it has been sunny!

I ended the week with 37.03 miles. 4 treadmill days, 3 outdoor days. Fingers crossed the balance is the opposite next week!



Some questions for you:

  • Do you wear Yaktrax when it’s snowy/icy?
  • Any tips for staying occupied on the treadmill?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

12 thoughts on “Is It Spring Yet?

  1. I do not run in my Yak Trax. I have the pro version. The others broke. I have worn them a lot to work or hike on trails.

    I try to run in the streets when it snows since I don’t have a treadmill.

    Very sick of winter. And it’s snowing again today.

  2. We have a lot of “winterlike” weather this week so I think that Phil is right about having more weeks of Winter. I still find it hilarious that we look to a groundhog to provide weather predictions lol.

  3. I’ve never used Yaktrax b/c I’m scared to death of falling on ice so if there’s any chance that it’s slippery I’m going to be on the treadmill to start with. I’ve said a billion times that I can go from the treadmill to the road with no problems but it’s really hard to go from the road to the treadmill and it just takes time (for me anyway). Mentally it’s also really hard to make the shift from being outside and being one with nature to being inside and watching TV. No one has even fallen on ice on the treadmill but also no one has ever gotten the first run in fresh snow on the treadmill…it’s just different. A lot of people say to cover the treadmill display but I’m kind of the opposite. I keep telling myself that the only goal is to get to the next tenth of a mile and then I switch to just getting to the end of the next lap and kind of go back and forth and before I know it the miles are done.

    Congrats on 290!!!

  4. Your running streak is impressive, especially since you have little kids! And snow and ice! Well, I guess that’s what treadmills are for. I usually listen to podcasts if i’m running on the treadmill, or if it’s a longer run mix it up with a podcast first and music towards the end. Sounds like you’ll be on it again this week with a polar vortex coming your way- good luck!

  5. My only treadmill advice is to mix up the runs. You’ve done much longer TM runs than I ever hope to do, so I’m not too experienced in that arena. That said, the odds are quite favorable that I’ll be treadmilling it some this week as well…

  6. This winter I’ve got the Peloton classes to keep me going on the treadmill – the instructors tell stories and coach intervals, so the time goes by pretty quickly. Other than that, I would watch trash tv to keep my brain occupied!

  7. I haven’t worn my YakTrax in years! I should probably dig them out and give them a try again. My treadmill entertainment is watching TV. I usually pick shows that are short, so I can watch several different ones. It’s hard for me to enjoy watching an hour long show or a movie. I like to mix it up!

  8. 1. I found old (broken) yaktrax in my mountain of weird inherited detritus from my grandparents. Wore them to the dog park, and the broken spring from the one snagged the other foot’s spring and instantly tied my feet together and I nearly face-planted.
    2. Have you tried a Peloton treadmill run yet? I definitely can’t do them every time (sometimes I just have to watch some garbage TV show) but it definitely makes the time go faster
    3. Can I get a rundown of your favorite running shoes? I’m forcing myself to clock 50 miles in February on the treadmill before I allow myself to buy new shoes, but my current pairs are shot and I need some recs.

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