Perfectly Ordinary Weekend

I had the perfect weekend. It may have been just perfectly ordinary, but it was perfect. It was a great mix of relaxing (definitely needed – I still feel like I’m playing catch up from last week!), catching up on work (again, still playing catch up), seeing friends, being productive and enjoying the outdoors. The only thing missing? Maybe some family time and a long run, but it will be a while until I’ll get in either of those!

Friday night started out with dinner/drinks with friends. One of B’s coworkers who moved to Seattle was in town and we were meeting up with her and some other people at 8 for dinner and drinks. Let me admit something – I haven’t met at 8 for dinner in a few months. Since being pregnant, my 8 p.m. often looks like PJ and TV time. But it was GREAT to feel like an almost normal person and meet up! We went to Bar Cento for some meatless Friday eats (pomme frites with their dipping sauce and pizza) and a few drinks (obvy none for me). Note – I didn’t take the pics below, I was actually not on my phone most of the night!

Not our pizza. This is from their website. And ours didn’t have meat. (Friday Lent)

Image via

Saturday morning B and I decided to be productive and start our baby registry. I’m not going to lie – setting up a baby registry is not as fun (at least for me) as a wedding registry. Mostly because the entire time these are the thoughts running through my mind:

  • Do we even need that? I don’t think those existed when I was a baby.
  • HOW many options exist for that?
  • Wait, that costs how much?
  • Half of the reviews say this is a life changer and the other half say DO NOT BUY or your baby will end up mangled, blind in one eye, allergic to every single nut, seriously traumatized, etc.

And there went our Saturday morning. Seriously, I think we spent four hours at Starbucks and registered for four things. Before we knew it, it was time to go view some houses. No – we’re not moving; but we’ve been looking at houses for several years now. We decided to go for a walk after looking at houses and came across the A Christmas Story House! (confession – I’ve lived in Cleveland for almost 10 years and I still haven’t seen the whole movie AND this was my first time seeing the house)


We then hit up the West Side Market for the first time in a while and I was SO happy. We have been either out of town or busy on Saturdays and it was great to pick up some things again. I ❤ the Market!


And it was already around 3:30 pm and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we made a quick stop to Souper Market. Their curry cauliflower and chickpea soup hit the spot! Large chuck of bread not included.


After Saturday afternoon Mass, B had plans to go to a high school basketball game. I decided to stay in and do some baking. Double fudge brownies. Yes, please!



Sunday morning started off a little early – I couldn’t sleep Saturday night (is this going to become a normal pregnancy thing?) because I couldn’t get comfortable, so I spent the morning cleaning a little and catching up on some work. I dilly dallyed until B got up and then finally got off my butt and went for a run.



It was the first run in a while that I’d run outside by myself. I don’t know why, but since I started to seriously show, I’d been a little anxious about running alone outside. But today, B didn’t feel like running and I knew I could do it on my own. So I did. Yup, it’s the little things – I’m proud.

The afternoon included some meal prep and grocery shopping.

My grocery store is prettier than yours, isn’t it?


Oh and my favorite yogurt was on sale. Little things make pregnant me super happy 🙂20160306_140933

Speaking of being pregnant, I’ve really really popped. I’m a little more than 6 months now and can’t imagine 4 more months of this!

24 weeks 5 days

Our Sunday ended with a walk and Sunday dinner at B’s parents’ house.

chilly but nice day for a walk

chilly but nice day for a walk

Spaghetti, meatballs and gelato!

20160306_184456 20160306_193409

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any Sunday night dinner traditions?
  • What’s your favorite yogurt? Do you like yogurt?

I’m linking up today with Erin for my weekend snapshot post, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wraps.

12 thoughts on “Perfectly Ordinary Weekend

  1. First off, how cute are you and your bump?!? Good for you for a) feeling like a normal person 😉 and b) not being on your phone- sometimes it’s hard, but worth every non-connected second! You can go ahead and send me a few of those brownies! Great job on your run girl!!!

  2. Oh gosh, i HATED registering. The reality is, no, you do NOT need most of that crap. It’s all a huge waste. And even what you DO need, you don’t need for a long time, so unless someone is willing to buy it for you asap, I suggest holding off and buying it as you need it, that way you can a. look for good deals, b. decide when you REALLY need it, and c. not have it sitting around your house. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, don’t register for clothes – you’re going to get them regardless, and people see clothes on a registry and just buy clothes or buy their own preference in clothes, not yours.

  3. Oh, look what a beautiful bump you have! I won a year’s supply of Siggi’s yogurt but there is not a store in my town that carries it! Isn’t that a bummer? My youngest child is 16 and you can’t imagine the change in baby products. Moms are the best entrepreneurs! How cool – The Christmas Story house. I’ve seen the movie countless times AND the play. Thanks for linking with us Melissa!

  4. Yes, it does sound like you had a perfect weekend! I love when that happens! Ha it IS the Christmas story house! I didn’t even remember where it was. That is cool! Yay for getting a run in alone. How long are you planning on running? Are you just going to base it on how you feel? I often wonder what I would do now, so I’m curious. I do appreciate you linking up with us!

  5. So glad I stumbled across your blog (from the Marvelous Monday link-up). I love your writing style. I know EXACTLY how you feel about registering. I’m getting married in October and I’m DREADING it. SO fun that you found the Christmas Story house. I’ve only seen it in bits and pieces too. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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