The Weekend We Didn’t Go To DC

If you asked me last week at this time what this week’s blog post would be about, I would’ve told you, our trip to DC. Because up until Thursday at around 4 p.m., we had plans to do a 3-day-weekend in DC, starting at 5 a.m. Friday morning. It would be LM and FW’s first flight, and we were excited to have our first vacation away from home as a family since last July.

But our trip never happened. Thursday afternoon, the Governor of Ohio made a statement that suddenly made me realize how grave the coronavirus is. He closed schools down for three weeks, banned mass gatherings of 100 or more people, and Dr. Amy Acton spoke about the pandemic. (I have a girl crush on her btw) It was at that point that I suddenly realized that we didn’t have to travel. We didn’t have to hop on a plane in 8 hours and put our health – or the health of others – in danger. We were being silly – selfish, even – and as I drove home, I cried thinking of having to tell my son that he was not going to be on his first airplane in a few hours, we were not going to see the giant pandas at the zoo or go to the dinosaur museum (things we had all talked about excitedly at breakfast that morning).

But kids are resilient. Was FW disappointed? Yes. Was he upset? Yes. But we’ve made the most of the weekend, keeping ourselves occupied with puzzles, coloring, baking, Disney+, FaceTime with family, and walks/runs outdoors.

Will we be struggling some days over the next few weeks while schools (including our daycare) are closed?  Yes. Am I super lucky to have a job and an employer that are flexible? 10000%.

So, here’s to hoping you and your families stay safe and occupied these next few weeks. It’s crazy out there and all we can do is be smart and hope for the best!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you changed your travel plans because of everything going on?
  • Any tips on working from home for 3 weeks with 2 children?

One thought on “The Weekend We Didn’t Go To DC

  1. It’s so hard as adults even when we can understand it, nevermind the kids and others who aren’t able. I cancelled DC, Spain and Albany so far. Was also looking forward to the dino museum.
    I’m not sure ifyou allow your kids screen time, but the Shedd Aquarium, Oregon Zoo and other have some great online animal adventures on their social media channels

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