Feeling Back!

Running is just like life is – some weeks are GREAT and others are not. But this week, I felt back! After a week of not feeling well, I felt like I really this week’s Cleveland half marathon training. I got in a few treadmill runs, a speed run, and even some outdoor runs. I even got in a 7 miler before work one day!

The only thing not great was my energy levels this week. The time change and some busy (but fun) days at my job didn’t help. But with the weather being great nearly all week, it was hard to complain!Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday: 4.3 on the treadmill. I didn’t have anything on the schedule, but the weather was cruddy, there was some snow on the ground and I didn’t want to just sit inside all day. At least I was able to get in some steps.

Monday: 4.27 treadmill miles

Tuesday: 5.06 total treadmill miles – I did speed work, warmup, 6×400 and then cool down.

Wednesday: 5.02 outdoor miles + some walking with the kids

Thursday: 5.17 outdoor miles + some walking with the kids


Friday: 7.33 outdoor miles


Saturday:  2.5 miles – stroller run outside Even though I got in my long run on Friday, the weather was decent out Saturday morning and I wanted to run some errands. So, I took out GM on the stroller and got in 2.5 miles while crossing some things off my to do list.

Total weekly:  33.65 miles

Also exciting this week, Cleveland Marathon shared their shirts for the race! I really like them:

Some questions for you:

  • What was your favorite race shirt?
  • Did you get outside this week?

Note: I am a Cleveland marathon ambassador! That means I get free race entry for me, and a free race entry to give away. 

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Back!

  1. Those outdoor runs must have felt amazing! Yes, the time change was hard. It’s especially hard to get little kids on the new schedule, so I’m glad you managed to have all those great runs this week!

  2. Great race shirt designs! My favorite race shirts are from the Columbus marathon, from a few years ago when they used Nike short sleeves. I still wear them a lot and have raced in them. This was my down week, so hopefully I’ll be feeling 100% next week. Glad you are feeling better!

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